About Me
About Me

Frankline Kibuacha

I am (was) a Certified Public Accountant who fell in love with the Internet and the power it wields; awed by how the world wide web has changed the world and intrigued by how marketing is progressively easy and fun… so I became a Digital Marketer! You can call me your Digital Accountant.

I have over 7 years experience in Digital Marketing, E-commerce, and Public Relations, in a multi-national environment. I basically create campaigns that sell online.

About Me


Digital Marketing

Since 2012, I have worked with over 50 brands – in all stages from start up to corporate – in defining and executing digital marketing campaigns that achieve lasting results.

My specialties are Social Media Marketing, Content marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Search (PPC), Email marketing and and Web Analytics & Reporting

I go beyond the LIKE and the CLICK, I always strive to deliver conversions. 

About Me
About Me

Web Design

I am not a perfect web designer because it’s all tough language that some designers went to school for. So far, you know I did not. But I have perfected the art of looking at the end result – you tell me what you need to be done, and I get it for you, fast! I have an eye for design and I am very hard to please, so, the sites I develop are ultimately eye-catching and to the pin. 

About Me


My teachers say I should have become a journalist – as if blogging is not journalism enough. Anyway, I was whipping massive compositions back in school… and I still enjoy writing – it’s become my bread and butter and when I am not writing corporate stuff, I am writing on my personal blog or The Ameru… or finishing up my first book which should be out soon. 

About Me


Nairobi, Kenya