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Recently, Nairobi governor aspirant Jimnah Mbaru posted a 37 page CV that went viral on Social media.The catch? It was posted on facebook notes! Got me thinking,why not write mine there and instead of sending emails, I can just send the link,the Facebook link!

Anyway after Amazing CVs I, here is a round up of other crazily creative CVs that have landed their creators in big places-for their complexity,or sheer simplicity!

From where we left off,the slideshow:

This is NOT my resume by Jordan McDonnell

This guy Jodan has really intrigued me.Check out his other online CV in visualize.How about this stick-noted graphic monster?

Creative Cv

Let them do all the work,and scan a QR CODE!

Or you can speak to Brookside and have them post your CV on a milk pack:

Creative CVs

Instead of those crazy tee shirt graphics,why not walk around with your CV?

Creative CVs


Creative CVs

Or Doodle it!

So,look out for my own.

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Challenged?Share yours!

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