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Mourinho Made Ferguson Retire

You know who I blame for Sir Alex Ferguson deciding it’s time to retire? Jose Mourinho.

If you think that is absurd consider this: Mourinho’s return would present him with a challenge to knock Manchester United off their perch. Chelsea have been Premier League champions and they’ve been European champions. So what could Mourinho offer?

Fergie has talked in a beautiful, endearing way about how he wants to be with his wife, who has supported him for years. It was emotional just listening to him.

But for me the possible arrival of Jose back at Chelsea precipitated the end for the greatest manager English football has seen.

A chance to take over from United permanently as the dominant force in the Premier League and Europe.

Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho
Real pain in the behind

That is Mourinho’s challenge, should he choose to accept it, rather than messing around with pay-offs and financial issues. (If he loved Chelsea, money wouldn’t be a problem, surely?)

Ferguson has every right to turn that challenge down. He is interested in football, not soundbites and enigmatic press conferences.

He is also not interested in any touchline nonsense.

The last time Mourinho was asked to end the dominance of another club was when he took over at Real Madrid. He had no chance of doing it with football, so he poked a coach in the eye, called Barcelona cheats, and left Pep Guardiola so disillusioned with football he gave up.

If Mourinho is happy doing that to Guardiola, he won’t shirk from trying similar tactics with Ferguson.And the old man couldn’t take that-any more.



I had just seen my email invite to the Safaricom Sakata Ball Launch…happy and excitedly!Ready to attend the spring of Kenyan youth football.

Making a ground check on the event on the net,I see headlines to the effect that Sakata Ball Season 3 launch has been postphoned…I go back to the email..This is Season 3 alright….back to the news..its today’s date.

I think its a joke and I RSVP that I will attend.

Then I get a reply,confirming my fears..followed by the Press Statement cancelling the whole thing!

And the reason?Sad,but not shocking….. In part:

This follows a last minute move by the national football governing body, Football
Kenya Federation (FKF) to impose new requirements on the running of the
event through a letter to event organizers dated 30th May 2012. In its letter to
Safaricom, the FKF demanded to be paid 20% of the total sponsorship cost of the
Sakata Ball tournament as administration fees half of which was to be paid prior
to its launch, failing which it would disown the event.

 That’s FKF,the body proposing to be the protector of Fottball interests in Kenya…alll for one reason..MONEY!

Lets take a background check on Sakata Ball:This tournament started in 2010 primarily involving children teams from all over the country in a progression set up from the grassroots to the national level.

In 2010,it saw 1057 boys’ teams from six regions around the country participate and expanded in 2011 to cover eight regions and include 1526 boys’ and 533 girls’ teams. Today, ex-Sakata players comprise 90% of the U 20 girls’football team while others like Abdi Malik have played for both the U-20 team and Harambee Stars.

Now, that’s a genuine effort to foster the growth of Kenyan football into the future..a mission with results.

Now,tell me what we can call a person against this noble mission if not an Enemy of the Game,and State? Intriguingly, this enemy is the same one tats is charged with the duty of doing that-growing football in Kenya.Well,they failed to do this-they didn’t even try..and now they are fighting anyone who tries to do it…all for money!

Earlier in the week,the Vice Chairman had pointed out pressing issues in FKF..endemic corruption,abuse of power,extortion,empty promises,misuse of funds,among others..and you are left wodering..if the caretaker destroys the house,who will take care of it? There were elections the other day in a bid to sweep such things..and now its worse.

All I say…FKF doesnt represent the interest of Kenyan football..the Fs in the abbreviation don’t stand for Football!Telol them I said that-because I don’t think they will read this-I doubt they read any football commentary,even in the papers.Otherwise they would know we don’t approve their selfish ways.

If this continues,the future is quite bleak.

God Bless Kenya.


Simply,I am happy..I could easily be the happiest man on Earth!

That’s right…You got it!


The journey has been very dramatic…trencherously tasking…The Valencia group scare,The Napoli mountain..then came an excruciating Benfica,and we were doomed when the mother of all ogres came along..Barcelona!

Somehow,the ‘Pensioners’ found themselves in the final(what my Arsenal friend Martin Motomoto Nkumbu calls witchcraft) against another unlikely Bayern Munich at their home stadium!

It was such a terse game…the ass-hardening type..keeping a draw till the 83rd minute when the night’s Blank Shooter Muller scored the possible winner-I almost walked out of the pub…Then the Talisman Drogba evened at 88″.My ass almost tore the seat….

Then the extra time started on the back foot…Drogba gave away a penalty…up stepped the one Robben..I thought I would faint..Cech saved the team..and me!

Memories of 2008 Final came to the fore when the final whistle blew..and Penalties it was…I looked away.Mata did just what I expected..lost it!I was still transfixed till Drogba stepped up to take the final Chelsea…the winning penalty.I started seeing The Africa Cup of Nations image of Drogba blowing it!…I said a prayer-he also did!

Nuer was beaten!And that became my revelation….everybody recognized me in the pub…Its like I was in the game!Drogba himself wasn’t happier than I was,lying on the floor with my legs up.

Its at that moment that I realized I really love Chelsea!

Need I say more?I won lots of bets!

PSST:Big up my Chelsea Villagers on twitter(we are planning a party):  @Joanonguka @cyrusville @chelsistkib @TozKamau @DanNgayo @Mwendwachelsea @EZRAwaCHELSKI


Laugh First

I said here that football is a shocker,its a game played on the field,and not in microphones and compter keyboards(unless its PlayStation).

This is turning to be a month of surprises in football.You know what I mean!

Background information:
I am a perennial Chelsea fan,its the club I have stuck up with in the Premier League.People tell me I a Chelsea fan because I only started watching football when Chelsea had started rising under Abramovich,and I always answer yes,its true.You see,I am not that old,actually I don’t remember Arsenal win a trophy(that’s why I honour Birmingham than Arsenal).

Back to Chelsea,I have watched the ‘Pensioners’ grow old and borne the disdain from fans of ‘young’ Arsenal.Many,including Chelsea fans had shoved them from the game.The Drogbas, Terrys, Lampards, Cechs and others had outgrown the game,so a younger manager than some of them was hired to revitalize the team.Roll back its years.Make it younger.

Andre Villa Boas failed miserably,and got himself fired.

His assistant,De Matteo rose to his position,and in came the pensioners again.They brought back with them more experience than the coach.And he was wise to listen to them.They turned the season around.Got back in contention for top four,Overturned a Champions League round of 16 deficit,qualified for FA Cup Final,and qualified for Champions League Finals.

How they did that,will remain in our minds in a long time.The opponent was the ‘Best Team Ever’ ,the ‘Super Favourites’and had ‘the World’s Best Player’.This,without a captain,down to 10 men,without centre-backs.Its the best victory so far in my football fanaticism!

The written-off pensioners did that.The written-off Torres scored the confirmation.The underdogs were really barking that night.Even commentators like Gary Neville helped them bark.

The other Semi final was a given conclusion that Real Madrid would triumph over Bayern Munich..and go ahead to win against a further weak Chelsea in the final.

That didnt happen.Christiano and Kaka were too predictable for Nuer,and Sergio Ramos decided to score the clouds.Bayern won.

And barked all the way to finals-in their home-ground.

A Real Madrid Vs Barcelona turned into a Chelsea Vs Bayern Munich final.

Wonders will never cease when the village rooster crows in the city.


The world has expectations on stuff,maybe factual or hypothetical,but driven by reason.We expect a stone to drop downwards,towards gravity on its free will,thats science,we expect to fail if we dont put effort,we expect dogs to back and not talk like humans.Would it not bbaffle you if you saw a stone just rise into the skies..or a dog greets you like a parrot? 
Talking of dogs talking,this last week was phenomenal in football terms.In English Premier League and Champions League, DOGS TALKED!
Back to Expectations for a moment, Football has its fair share…and it has gone to become a very strong industry-The Soccer Betting Industry.People make serious chumz,just by betting on a football match..and I do it sometimes.
As with the other forms of Betting,there is a relative aspect of risk,but in Football betting,its more factual,more statistical and a science.Many aspects are looked at,the history,current form,stadium among others.The greater the impossibility,the greater the value of the bet.
Enough of that,back to this last week.Many people lost their bets,and very few earned a lot!Tables were turned,dogs talked!
It all started with Wigan beating Arsenal 2-1 
Dog Fight
For the uninitiated,Arsenal is riding high(using its current formation R-V-P) and has beating all and sundry…Wigan has been clenching on the tail of the 20-team EPL, and on the verge of going into relegation.Clash these teams together…what do you EXPECT?Arsenal was winning hands-down,right?
Ok,it didn’t happen…The dog called Wigan had just talked!
Then on Tuesday,Real Madrid were humbled 2-1 by Bayern Munich.
Well,one may argue that Bayern Munich is not an underdog..but I am arguing otherwise..they were meeting Real Madrid(not even Dortmund that had beaten them three days earlier).Now,real is a bigger team,much bigger actually.Its a football superpower…but what happened?
The underdog came on top,and talked!
Now to the game we ALL watched….The ‘greatest team in the World’ Barcelona seeing Blues at the hands of Chelsea.
What did YOU expect,honestly?Chelsea,a shell of its former self,now lying sixth in EPL,versus the nemesis of the football world,a team that has been classified on its own up there,habouring the invincible Messi(The “Greatest Player?NO!)….A walkover,right?A friend had told me 0-7 at the very least.
I am Chelsea fan,and I also EXPECTED a beating..I didn’t expect ‘Old’ Drogba to ‘Mess with Messi’..he was another underdog….that talked!
It was a shocking week to players,coaches,fans and the best of pundits…The last will become the first.
Its a lesson,isn’t it? 

  • Never ride on your may get shocked
  • Despite what people say of you vs your challenge,dont let it go into your head,shock them,too!


There are some things that exceed human stupidity. I call it “Excessive human stupidity” for lack of a single solid term to describe some actions. It’s even worse when these actions are done by men who have gone to school and call themselves educated. Some of these actions include the disgraceful actions from a clique of Gor Mahia fans yesterday after their 0-0 draw with AFC Leopards.

Two AFC Leopards fans lost their lives after unfortunately being caught in the middle of wanton destruction and violence from zombie-like, almost brainless, childish men that insultingly call themselves fans of Gor Mahia. May their souls rest in peace.

It is always the hope of every one a fan out there that the Kenyan Football scene is devoid of such violence witnessed yesterday. The truth is, most fans are truly worth the name “Fan”; they support their team in sensible ways like composing a team anthem, acquiring themselves a jersey, attending matches when they can and overall, being disciplined in their exploits as fans. This has been the norm for most of us who call ourselves fans. But what happens when some hooligans inject insanity in their football emotions? Absolute mayhem and sadly, death.

Those who participated in that stupid stone-throwing session should feel extremely ashamed of themselves! All they did was taint the name of Gor-Mahia as a club and brought Kenyan football to its death throes. They have taken us a few years back when a young boy lost his life in Nyayo Stadium after a game. They have taken us back to those years when people avoided going to stadia since violence was the order of the day. It’s unfair to football as a whole that a small group of football goons have caused this much harm. Such people should be identified, arrested and given time long enough in the gaol where they can have adequate time in their hands to stone each other and the jail mice.

In perspective, the violence that happened yesterday was a huge dent in the Gor image (that had been getting better with every sunrise) and should as such seek ways to discipline their rogue fans (If they ever were). The KPL should also step in and make sure Kenyan soccer doesn’t go the Egyptian way. They should issue stern fines where need be. Some of us are really done for with this soccer violence from adults with beyond-childish demeanors.

A cry from the true fans out there who want to watch peaceful football and go home to their beds goes out to these excessively stupid humans: STYLE UP OR STAY OFF FOOTBALL!

STONES cant win a FOOTBALL League…..Its a GAME,not WAR!

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