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You Quit Accounting to Spend your days on Facebook?


Ladies and Gentlemen, I was an accountant!

That’s right, I was… Maybe I still have some accounting knowledge, but most of it was swept away by the floods in my brain. And it’s not like being a Boy Scout – “Once an accountant always an accountant?”

Na vile I struggled with CPA – that ridiculously hard Kasneb thing that keeps “catching” people. Did I ever tell you how poor I was in Maths? So poor I would get headaches during Maths papers in primary and high schools. Then after high school I called myself to a meeting with Maths:

Maths: You are stupid.

Other Me: Yes, you can’t get Maths.

Real Me: I will prove you wrong.

Maths: How, your worst KCPE and KCSE paper was me. Proof enough that you are stupid.

Other Me: IKR. Go and study journalism. You girl.

Real Me: I’ll surprise you. I’ll do Finance, and I’ll start with CPA.

Maths: Hahaha. Shut up, sissy. You can’t do that. Do you know any CPA in your entire division?

Real Me: I don’t care. I’ll be the first.

Other Me: Are you sure you want to do this, man? CPA is hard, and it’s pure mathematics.

Real Me: I am harder. And I’ll prove it.

Other Me: If you say so.

Maths: Hahaha. Come baby come.

And that’s how I found myself at Kasneb registering to become an accountant. It was mostly to prove a point than love for the career.

So, I completed CPA, and did my degree in Finance. All along, I kept wondering if I was in my right mind. For me, Accounting was this monotonously endless calculation; done in the same way, every day for the rest of my career. You have to follow rules – I hate rules, you have to pay ridiculous amounts to the profession – what does the ICPAK money do – and there is no space for creativity. If you try to be creative in accounting you will be jailed! I wasn’t cut for that – I’m cut of the dramatic, solving problems, learning new things and doing things my way.


That’s how I do it…

And Accounting is too boring.

So, I started writing and designing stuff. Learning every day, doing new stuff and running experiments right, left and centre.

And my career became Digital Marketing.

Which people call – spending days on Facebook… which is true, btw. 🙂

Only that my time on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google is different from yours. While you waste time and money on the internet, I make money and a life. For me, it’s an art, a science… a job.

I write, I design stuff, I plan projects… And I solve problems. There are many problems: difficult clients who make me better daily, goals to meet which make me more focused, masses to be influenced which makes me feel like some star and calculations to be done which makes Maths my bitch!

Yes, professional Digital Marketing is a game of crazy numbers, formulas, forecasts and reporting. It’s like a more fun form of Accounting.

Spending my days on Facebook is infinitely more enjoyable and paying than being the bad accountant I had set out to be.

A-Z: 26 Tips For Building Powerful Personal Brand Online

Everyone has a personal brand. Do you know what yours conveys to potential employers? When your name is Googled, what comes up? If you haven’t given much thought to your personal brand, here are a few ways to start building it. There are numerous reasons that having your own brand strengthened by your content strategy benefits your business. Everything that you do demonstrates your personal brand, from the way that you represent yourself online to how you treat people at the grocery store. Because a personal brand is built on your true self, you need to be aware that the totality of your actions makes up your brand.

So, how do we create a strong personal brand online? Here is an infographic by that gives you the A-Z of Personal Branding Online:

10 Corporate Social Media Mistakes

You are likely well aware of how powerful social media channels have become for Corporates and Brands. When used correctly and mistake-free, you can successfully promote yourself, brand, or product.They can also harm your reputation, big time. Let us look at 10 Mistakes you are probably making on your Corporate Social Media efforts and how to avoid them:

1. Just plain boring.

Being boring could ‘kill’ your Social Media following. It will make people perceive your brand as a super duper boring brand. Therefore, you must think of some interesting content that can make people like it, comment on it as well as share it among their friends. Think out of the box or look for ideas in other brands’ circles so that you could come up with something more interesting of your own.

2. Overdoing Freebies!!

Using free gifts, cool contests and lucky draws to entice people to like your Facebook page may be a good idea. However, don’t overdo it. It will make your brand look like a sugar daddy who always like to give away freebies.

There is a saying, “you’ll harvest what you sow.” By overdoing the freebies marketing, you will get a lot of non-loyal fans who are there for your free stuffs only, and not because they love your brand’s products and services.

3. Going Totally Out Of Point!

Your Social Media theme must be closely related to your brand. It must reflect what your brand sells or market to the world. Always share content related to the things in your industry. If you sell shoes, your content should be about shoes and not about food or other things that are completely alienated from what your brand really is.

When it comes to business, stay focus. Funny, cute and unrelated stuffs, please stay away from it.

4. Lack of Interaction

There is only a one way speech and not a two way dialogue. Brands would just behave like news anchor persons disseminating information. And when people gave their feedback, only the positive ones stayed and the negative ones, banned. There is hardly any dialogue between the brand and the fans.

Social media is a two-way street. It can’t be just one person talking all the time. It’s a conversation. You need to be active on all platforms. Don’t just talk about yourself or only share your work. Post content that will generate discussions. Pay attention to the people in your network. In other words, show people you care about them, and not just yourself. You’d be surprised how this type of interaction pays off.

5. Advertisement Galore

Facebook gives your brand a personality or a voice in the social media world. Your brand speaks and interacts with your clients and prospects. You educate your fans on the benefits of your brand so that it would position your brand well in their minds.

Don’t constantly ask people explicitly through online offers and sales discounts; shouting them out in each and every single post of yours, to make people buy your stuff.

Educate, don’t hard sell.

6. Boss’ Birthday? No one Cares

No one cares whether today is your boss’, your boss’ father’s, your boss’ brother’s or your boss’ cat’s birthday? Talk business and give your clients what they are looking for in your page. People just want to know how your product or services is going to be of benefit to them.

If you have to share, don’t make it a ritual.

7. Not Monitoring your Social Media for Negative Comments…all Comments.

Monitor your social media regularly. Check all the comments, all the tags..etc. Negative comments can bring down the credibility of your brand. Hence you to constantly manage the brand reputation.

If the negative comments are proved to be genuine, it is ok not to delete or hide them as spam. You could simply publish your apology openly to the said user so that this will make others perceived your brand as honest and transparent. Who in the world has no flaws?

Sometimes you will get companies advertising on your Page or competitors putting nasty and untrue comments about your brand on your timeline. Put them in their place. Be alert. Block, Ban and Report!

8. Too Much Technical Jargon

By putting too much technical jargon or scientific terms is a bad strategy. It is not a PHD textbook, you know. And unless you want to make your fans and followers professors and doctors, refrain from using complicated jargon.

9. Tag or RT to Your Friends NOW!

Never ever try to ask people to tag their friends to your pictures. Worse still, don’t give them a specific number of friends to tag in order to exchange some kind of gifts from you. Tagging and RTing is good as it can increase the brand’s exposure virally but let them do it out of their own wish.

It is very irritating when that funny “spammy” picture just appears in your profile page without your permission. I block the company’s facebook page immediately.

10. Not Taking Advantage of The Bio

The first item for visitors to spot on A social media page is the bio(About on Facebook). You must complete this section with vital information, like location and website [URL]. It should look interesting, too. Have a little fun with it. If you’re creative and interesting, it will give more of an incentive to follow or like you.

What other mistakes do you think Companies do with their Social Media? Add in the comments section below.

Pledge to Plant a Tree – Twestival Nairobi 2013.

Warren Buffet once said : Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. 

Let’s face it-The quest for a super skyline is destroying our Greenline. Unless someone does something NOW, the coming generations will be living in a ballast forest-so to speak. Imagine Nairobi without trees….and the title we all love- The Green City in The Sun gets lost. 

“The cost of planting and maintaining one seedling is Sh.200. Donate to this cause via M-pesa 89857 #PAWA254

We wouldn’t love that, I would abhor imagining that! And that’s why I have to tell you this:

Twestival Nairobi seeks to raise funds to assist the Nairobi Greenline, a KWS – KAM project to protect the Nairobi National Park by planting and taking care of at least 750 seedlings, online and offline. The climax of this all will be on the PAWA 254 rooftop on the 22nd November 2013 from 6pm. ” The seedlings will be planted on the 23rd November 2013 and will go a long way in ensuring that the 30km long, 50m wide forest of indigenous trees shielding the Nairobi National park from our growing metropolis target is achieved “

There are various ways you can help achieve this noble target:

a)      Send monetary donations to MPESA BUY GOODS TILL NUMBER 89857
b)     Attend the fundraising event at Pawa 254 on November 22nd from 6pm. 
c)       Purchase merchandise to support the cause. Merchandise can be ordered online or bought during the event.
d)      Email to partner with Twestival as an individual, a corporate or brand. 
e)      Join in the tree planting exercise on Saturday 23rd November 2013. 

For more details:

Visit for more details. 
Twitter: @TwestivalNBO.

 TWESTIVAL is the largest social media fundraising initiative in the world. It’s a movement that uses social media for social good, empowering communities around the world to organize one-of-a-kind offline events in support of a greater local cause of their choice. All events are 100% volunteer run, and all proceeds go directly to the projects.

7 Tips for Successful Business Social Media.

Last week, I commemorated (not really, just nominally) my year in Corporate Social Media. I now feel like a guru! I believe I now know a thing or two about Social Media to “write a credible academic journal”-or not. Corporate Social Media and personal social media activities are the same. You adopt your industry current and swim along. Only that you can’t Retweet some stuff. 

Let me share with you the following tips that I have learnt over time. Tips for successful business social media activity:

1. Use your Personal Voice

People want to communicate with an individual, not a business entity. Keep all of your posts in a personal voice. This way, people will respond to you as a person.
Don’t be flat, or Robotic. Be personable.

2. Provide Information.

Each of your tweets has to have a purpose. It has to provide information about relevant topics in your area. People want to engage social media accounts that provide useful information. I read somewhere, and I totally agree, that only 20% of your social media activity should be self-promotional.

In Social Media, stand for something and become an authority in it.

3. Know your audience and engage it.

We all want to reach everyone with our posts. That’s not very possible if you want Point 2 to hold. Know what your key demographic is and who you are going after, then create and design your content specifically for them. Keep them engaged, or you will lose it all.
Relate with your audience. 

4. Connect Individually

Social Media is about interaction.  If someone tags you in a post or tweet, try your best to comment back when possible. This will help build a direct relationship with the individual. You want a personal connection. This is why you need to engage your audience by sharing articles of interest and talking about issues that are important to you and your customers. Something else that works: Greet them by name.
Respond to your followers and engage your audience. It’s ‘Social media,’ remember!

5. Be Honest

Are customers complaining? Are you running a social media campaign? Stay transparent. This way, your customers are going to look favorably on you and it adds to your credibility. Don’t overhype something and then the customer feels short-changed. 
Be frank. 

6. Use Hashtags

Hashtags turn words into hyperlinks that connect with all the other folks using that same term on the Social Media platform. Twitter has been known for hashtags, but now Facebook and Google + are in the mix. They are a great way to engage with a broader audience of people talking about the same topics. This helps draw attention to it, and is more likely to connect you with your target audience. 
Hashtags connect you to your audience. Be relevant. Don’t overdo them.

7. It’s never too serious

Remember Point 1? Because you are tweeting for a business doesn’t mean that it’s all business. Post/tweet fun photos and quotes. Make your timeline interesting! You can create a viral post too! And you know what normally goes viral-fun!

All work and no play in social media makes you a boring corporate.

Something else that works for you? Share it with all of us in the comment section below.


Watch your Facebook or Twitter TimeLine for a minute…There! You saw a meme, right? Some go viral, and a lot more get stifled under the pressure of the largely capturing ones.

Memes are one huge way of building exposure in Social Media- a creative meme is sure to garner you lots of attention, get your point across in a funny way, and get you the engagement you crave for.

But what is a meme? How would you define a meme? How would you use a meme? What’s the difference between an excellent meme, an average meme and a bad meme? How many types of memes are there? How did they evolve? How do you structure each type? Where do you share your meme?

Well, here is an infographic by Mozy that breaks all this down for you.

7 Social Media Tips for Business

One of the things I do is Corporate Social Media. Over time, I have read a lot of articles on Social media use in business and tried all those rules. My university thesis was on the use of Social Media in the organization. My experience ( both theoretical and practical) is that to succeed in Social Media, there are certain aspects you should keep in mind.

Flow with Me:

1. Post Relevant stuff

The social sites have grown and changed from those first days of posting things like “I am eating Omena” You need to start posting more relevant information. Make it about your readers and followers, not about you. Post solutions, inspiration, and interesting facts that can be useful and helpful.

2. Use the available tools and features

What’s the newest feature on Facebook this week? Social sites changing and tweaking daily with more tools and features than ever before. Note all these tools (and keep yourself up to date on what’s happening) and learn to use them for the benefit of your followers and your business.

3. Go Visual

Did you know that pictures are the most widely used and shared method of posting on Facebook? That the most Retweets are generated by image tweets? Marketing is going visual and you need to do the same. Embed text and your business info in relevant graphics to post. When people share your images you want them to see your website link or other relevant info.

4. Social Media Customer Service

Social media customer service just checked in! That’s the primary reason Bata (manufacturing), Safaricom (telecom), Kenya Power (parastatal) and Red Cross (NGO) are in Social Media! No matter what business you are in, you cannot provide solutions to all your clients’ needs. Be willing to post links, information and resources of other businesses that can help your clients where you cannot.

5. Your Analytics has a purpose, use it.

Your Facebook page has an Insights section for a reason. Review your analytics regularly to see what is working and what isn’t. Are people visiting one social site more than others? When are people visiting your pages? Find out everything you can from your results. You can learn a lot from your analytics but you must utilize them to reap the benefits.

6. Connections first, Sales later.

Social media generates sales. It is one of the things I do-sell online. But..use your social media pages to connect with your potential customers not for sales. You want to use social media to share information, respond to questions and comments and to showcase what your business is about. You don’t want to continually bombard your social sites with sales pitches and ads. Help your followers find solutions, do not pitch to them. Then sales will come rushing to you.

7. Concentrate on Fewer Social Sites

Concentrating your marketing efforts to a few of the better producing sites is more effective than spreading yourself too thin over many of the social sites. The time it takes to successfully participate in social media is substantial so you need to build a strong presence on the sites that deliver rather than trying to dominate them all.

Have I forgotten something? Hit the Comment button below.


You have been on Twitter for some time now. You know how hard it is to get ONE twitter follower. The one day, you open twitter and see this:

Yes, that’s my Twitter handle up there: @FRANKKENYAN. And I got supended from Twitter this last Sunday!
Oh. The panic! I was with some friends chatting away, checking Twitter every few minutes. Then I refreshed the page. And saw that. And the mood changed.
How was I to get those followers again? Notice the 0 following, the 0 followers, and the suggestions? As if I am a complete newbie. I decided the unimaginable. I would never return to twitter! 
The first thing I do when I wake up is check my twitter, and that’s exactly what I did the following morning, and my heart sank AGAIN when I met the damning statement.
What would you do? This is what I did, out of sheer faith.
1. Read the rules.
No one reads any TOS. They don’t amount to anything after all!  
Yeah, me too! But Twitter has rules, which it actually follows! You need to read them to see what might have caused the brutal punishment! The rule I figured I had broken is Randomly or aggressively Retweeting accounts through automation  Just a few hours before the suspension, I had read around the web and discovered a retweet tool which retweets #Hashtags, @users and keywords. So, I decided to retweet Kenya and #SocialMedia.-I love both.
2. Appeal
Just click on the link provided. You will land on a page where you can submit an appeal. When I say Appeal, I mean Appeal. Not demand. Beg, if you may. Okay, be polite and concise with your appeal; getting angry will not help. If you genuinely don’t know what you’ve done wrong (as I didn’t) then say so, but if you have an idea that it could be that third party app you’re using, say, like I did:
Yesterday, my account got suspended, and I would like to explore re-instating options with you. 
I have read the “Following rules and best practices and best Practices” and I would attest that I am not using an automated multi-following app. However, the day before yesterday, I signed up to an app called Roundteam that tracks and Retweets certain words. I figured it would be a boost to me as I was Retweeting keywords in my field of interest. Is that forbidden? 
I have since Revoked its access, and all third party apps I have been using. Is there anything more I have to do to get my account back?
Please help, I would love to get my follow list back.
3. Respond to the Automated mail
As a confirmation, I received an automated email from Twitter, which I HAD to respond to to activate the ticket. Make sure you reply the email and ensure you read the entire mail to know exactly what twitter wants you to do. Reply the mail stating why you think your account was suspended and if you don’t know why stating that your account was suspended wrongly.
4. Sit back, try to relax, and wait. 
That’s hard, so I found myself checking my email and twitter every few minutes. Your account will; most likely be restored. Mine took less than 12 hours, phew! Some may take even up a week, or forever! I am told you normally get a confirmation email. I got none, I just found my Twitter working. 
Another thing: Your Follow lists will not come immediately! Might take an hour, or so. Don’t panic when you get confronted by 0 Followers, 0 Following……
So, I got my account back, and I am happy. 

Don’t go through this, avoid a Twitter Suspension by:

  1. Not following, favouriting, retweeting, mentioning other people aggressively and randomly.
  2. Double-checking  what apps have access to your account and revoke unnecessary ones
  3. Taking care not to get hacked. Have a strong password, and change it oftenly.

10 Simple Ways to Boost Your Business on Facebook

Social media marketing is an important part of the business world these days, and your average company will have a Facebook page. Mark Zuckerberg’s creation is the most famous social media network and it offers plenty of welcome trade boosts for businesses across the globe, but few firms know how to tap into this potential properly.

The worst mistake any business can make is to view social media as a glorified marketing opportunity. It isn’t – the social media accounts you run are your business’s voice to your customers and the world. If you make a mistake, or remain inactive, the world will either reject or ridicule you. Due to this it’s important to keep your Facebook page active as there are a billion users out there to tap into. In this guide I’ll note the ways to keep your customers entertained, and how to draw in more “likes”.

1. Engage With Your Customers

The worst thing a company can do is be inactive or boring – lay off the business spiel and engage with what is, essentially, your fan base! There are simply too many distractions online to risk not being immediately appealing; internet users are notorious for skim reading and will dismiss, or embrace, your Facebook account in a matter of seconds.
Being active with your customers is a good start – if they ask you a question respond immediately. If there’s a complaint, or a problem, strive to get the issue sorted as quickly as possible. A negative comment on your wall can become a terrific boost as customers will often respond gratefully based on your quick response.

2. Promote Fun

It’s important to remember to not flood your customer’s News Feed, so use moderate amounts of entertaining posts on your company wall. These can help keep customers entertained and will aid the viral success of your content, creating organic links (new traffic) to your website. Pictures or puzzles would always go down well.

3. Post Videos on Your Facebook Page

A great way to enhance your page is to include interesting videos that are relevant to your business. For example, if you have a hardware store, then a short instructional video comparing wood stains could benefit your customers. Alter this to your brand’s needs and you’ll be seen to be engaging with customers in new ways.

4. Link to Interesting Articles

Posting articles of interest to your business will also help your website go viral. This can be of your own doing; articles, blog posts, guest posts. Get them onto your wall! However, it wouldn’t go amiss to post links to interesting articles from other sources.

5. Run Competitions

Facebook don’t strictly allow you to have competitions in order to boost your “like” ratings, so what you can do is hold a contest for something which involves your current users “sharing” an image. This can be spread out amongst tens of thousands of people over the course of a few days as more “shares” lead to greater exposure.


Its Kenya Vs Nigeria on TWITTER!

Well, #KOT is at it again.This time against Nigeria.

How it strarted: When the Kenya National Team went to Nigeria for the World Cup qualifier against Super Eagles, the Stars were humiliated by the worst reception a Federation can give a visiting team-they were given a school for accomodation and no training ground.

Well, #KOT did what they do best..’tell them’

And Nigerians on Twitter retaliated-in a big way.

Who won? The jury is still out.


Lets know each other.
Well, that sounds like a dating site…only that now it’s a TV show on KTN.
I wouldn’t have watched it…OK, I haven’t watched it yet, but it started a huge world trend on twitter.I would have collected all the tweets, but the memes were something,really.
As usual #KOT rocked and blew it out of proportion for the poor lass.
Some in the most haphazard arrangement possible:


That,and the thousands of tweets,the conclusion is Don’t rattle #KOT They will burn you.


Dictionary for Dummies:#KOT-Kenyans on Twitter#MKZ-Mukuru Kwa Zuckenburg-Facebook

Having nailed that,The First Presidential Debate went down featuring eight 2013 Presidential candidates.
Well,initially they were 6 until:
Presidential Debatehence

Then the debate went underway and as usual,Kenyans on Social Media assisted by one Dida made it a worldwide trending topic.
I got some of the whiffs:

  1. To save Ole kiyiapi,Sms the word “PENGO” to 2013……. Mchongoano
  2. Ati huyo mtu wa sign language hapo down ati wakisema Ole Kiyapi ana point meno #KEDebate2013″
  3. Ati Kenya cannot be run from Skype???Mboss haujajaribu Faimba??
  4. Mudavadi si apewe 3 minutes atume salamu ingo au vipi?
  5. The closest my kids will ever get to going to #BrookHouse is me showing them pirated cds of #Debate254.”
  6.  #BBC and #CNN will only air LIVE genocide footage from Africa. NOT SOBER DEBATE like #Debate254.Proud of @AlJazeera #AJEKOT”
  7. Linus moderated a debate. Julie hosted a talk show. #Debate254
  8. The debate is soo boring right now I’m actually looking forward to Abduba Dida’s turn. At least he’s funny #debate254
  9. Kwani these candidates pakad Viagra on their knees? Wamesimama for long na hawachoki bana. #Debate254
  10. kai kai iThink this guys should get a break now. To check on their cars maybe because Gumo
  11. If presidential candidates can stand for this long, why did we invest so much on parliament chairs for mps? #debate254
  12. Please be nice to Paul Muite, he’s had a long day chopping wood and putting together that extra podium.
  13. Dida chewed on old undies. His crazy can only come from genital excretions
  14. Am just imagining how the debate wud have been bila Dida and Muite, what were the media thinking? Missing all that comic 4rm Dida
  15. As for Madvd surely with his hot wife, how could she let him leave the house looking like that?
  16. My funmost moment was when Julie said ‘lets start with the lady’ and Martha looked around
  17. What would this debate be without Dida?
  18. Hahahaha what’s Dida saying? How’s eating when you’re hungry in line with preventive medicine?
  19. As Dida says “Somebody with a PhD in electricity will spend in the dark but a class 8 dropout will fix it.”
  20. Presidential candidates now ‘Writing their names and index numbers on the answer sheets’
  21. I hear Kalonzo is yet to decide which station to tune into for #KeDebate13
  22. Today you are still cleaning feet of jiggers and teaching kids to wash hands. All those years, where were you?” DIDA
  23. Dida ni baba ya eko dida?
  24. Ati Everytime Dida spoke the chiq translating was doing gangam style *I’ve been kicked out*
  25. The closest Dida can get to statehouse is by being a teacher at statehouse girls”,lol*hides*
  26. Dida: its true,when Kanu ate, we got the crumbs..these ppl even lick the plates!
  27. The only person who did worse than Musalia Mudavadi last night was Julie Gichuru.
  28. Collectively Raila, Uhuru, Ruto and Mudavadi have been in more parties than Paris Hilton. #Debate254 #KeDebate13
  29. Dida’s really making Uhuru look bad #kedebate13 he must be thinking “oh damn this pebble in my shoe!”
  30. First rule of presidential debate: Beware of candidates like Dida who have nothing to lose. They can bury you. 
  31. Mudavadi on education: “We can privatize the port of Mombassa”
  32. Tonight’s winners: Martha Karua, Linus Kaikai, the hashtag#KEdebate13, Abuda Dida and democracy.

When they went for a break

Kiyiapi’s toothbrush
Mudavadi went for a tea break
Uhuru went for vodka
Raila went for supu ya kichwa ya samaki
Martha went for lipstick
Dida went for miraa…

The President of Wajiya 
 we had 
One host(linus),
One invigilator(jul ie), 
One standup comedian (dida), 
One pastor(muite), 
One fashion disaster(mudava di), 
One others, 
Another others, 
Another others, 
And two presidential candidates…

Conclusions by a self proclaimed analyst:
1.Dida is a joker.
2.Ole kiyapi ..pass.
1/3 Githeri,1/3 Water,1/3 air-Dida Diet
3.Uhuru was coached and tried so hard to be
4.PK is fake.he was over confident and tried to copy Obama.
5.Mudavadi is sober but no policy whatsoever.
6.Martha Karua is straight but she acts like a school prefect.
7.RAILA told it as it is and he looks like the
8.Paul Muite is good.he knows things but he is just bitter

If it was a classroom

Muite – would be the annoying ‘mbenye’ prefect
RAO – would be the guy who gets D’s in school but straight A’s in Street smartness
Martha – is definitely the A student, Teachers Pet
Musalia – is the boring guy uko back bench
PK – is the guy who uses big words to impress and is saying what everyone says
UK – is the guy you sneak out of school with,he skips all classes yet gets straight A’s
Ole – is the kid who carries the teacher’s books to the staff room (spy)
Dida – is the coolest kid, the sportsman but the guy who fails even P.E

Did I miss anything?Add yours below….

Disclaimer: None of this mumbo-jumbo is my creation.All courtesy of #MKZ and #KOT

Your Brand needs these types of followers

You know your business needs a Facebook page, and you know you need people to like and engage with it.

But you can’t be satisfied with just anyone liking your page. You need to know which followers are going to benefit your brand.

From early adopters to haters , here’s a quick overview of the people you need and how you can spot them:

1. Early adopters

Why you need them: They’re known to be experts in all things cool, which has earned them large social followings filled with engaged consumers.

2. Social sharers

Why you need them: They will spread your updates across several social media sites.

3. Born followers

Why you need them: They may be swayed to try your product if they see a lot of other people advocating it.

4. Popular powerhouses

Why you need them: Their influence can turn skeptics into customers.

5. Basement-dwelling haters

Why you need them: The way you handle a complaint can improve your brand’s image. Check out this infographic for more on these fans, as well as statistics to back their necessity:


Is your company/brand on Facebook?No?Ok,you don’t exist.If you do,you may be wondering the best times to post important news,updates,etc.

Whatever you aim to achieve with a Social Media drive, you will be seeking for the maximum range when you go posting into the social media such as facebook. At least you want to make sure that people take notice of your posts and start to comment, like and share. Scroll down to the infographic below this post for the best days to post on facebook and get the impact you desire.

If you’re looking to take a day off from posting on Facebook, choose Wednesday, but don’t rest on Sunday or you’ll miss the best opportunity of the week.Weekends, when brands post too little, the audience appears primed for interaction, though it varies by industry.Not very good news for corporate Social Media teams.

Best time of the day to post.

Studies have found that off-hours are the best time to post. Brand posts between 8 pm and 7 am got 14% higher interaction than those published between 8 am and 7 pm.In a nutshell:
  • Facebook’s highest traffic peeks between 1pm to 3pm. 
  • Traffic starts to increase from 9am, but consider waiting to 11am to start posting as it would receive higher traffic. 

Meanwhile, when it comes to posts, less is more. Brands that post one or two times a day see 19% higher interaction rates than those that publish three or more posts. The key is not to bombard fans with too many posts.They will get bored and Facebook mostly de-optimizes your feed.

Also note:

  • Use links with a recognizable URL, like “” where users have an idea of what to expect.
  • Asking a question is a good idea, but ask it at the end of your comment, not at the beginning. Posts with a question at the end have a 15% higher overall interaction rate and a 2X higher comment rate than those with a question asked in the middle of the post.
  • Ask fans to caption a picture. Posts that ask readers to “caption this” get 5.5X higher comment rates than average. Such posts also increase the overall interaction rate by more than 100%.
  • “Fill in the blank” is another good option. Such posts garner 4X more comments than average.
  • Use emoticons: Posts that contain emoticons receive 52% higher interaction rates. Posts that employ them have a 57% higher like rate,a 33% higher comment rate and 33% higher share rate.
  • The best emoticons to use: “:D” and “:P.” Such emoticons have a 2.4X and 2X higher response rate, respectively than other emoticons.
  • Use a call to action. Posts with commands like “Like,” “Caption This,” “Share,” “Yes or No” and “True or False” get interaction rates that are 48% higher than average.


A recent infographic shows the best weekdays to post your content and is divided into industries. So go and find your optimum time for pushing out that great content of yours…

Best Days To Post on Facebook, by Industry

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