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Job Interview

Job Interview, Career, Conference, Conversation

Like everyone who wasn’t born to big money, I have had my fair share of job interviews. I have attended a couple – though not as many as most people I know (you wouldn’t say I’m an experienced Interviewee). Maybe I haven’t been lucky to get that many interviews, or maybe many of the interviews I have attended have been bulls’ eyes.

I have gotten two jobs through Skype interviews. I mean, no one-on-one – we met for the first time when I reported to work – having signed my contract online.…

How I Became a Dating Pro.

I am demanding a Honorary Degree in dating. I have had so many dates, dating back many many years, that I want my place among the table of men. Real men.

Follow closely.

When I was in high school I was the thing. A Gambino Casanova himself(don’t ask me who that is, my mind’s fancy creation).

I couldn’t keep myself off girls. And that started in Form 2, when I discovered the power of a cute girl in my “cool kids” graduation.…

Random Memories – Gatecrashing an Office Party

Mwaura Wambiru and Ben

One unusual Friday, my partner-in-crime Dan Mwaura and I are busy at our Lenana Towers office, working on a side hustle (he also happens to be a work colleague – hope my bosses don’t read this). This side hustle is packaging one Kiambu politician with a Facebook banner. The said politician – who fell from the Jubilee race in a joint-crushing thud – had given me a small assignment to make him a banner but I decided to subcontract it to Mwaura who is a well-known jack of all trades.…


My friend is on TV! I am from a village, so, my type of friends and I find it very hard to appear on TV- unless it’s a wedding video.

Just kidding, I know Bigwigs, too!

When I met Kay-eye, it was our first day at my place of work, you know, we were all fresh faced, and in full suits and ties( that is, before the suits were discarded) and we clicked on first site.…


Equity Bank Agency and Eazy 247 Customer care Fail

I am angry,very angry.This is a rant

I have been seated here for the last two hours and my patience is boiling,I feel like I can smash anything any minute from now. So I am now typing on my phone furiously,venting my anger on my poor phone. I think Equity should pay for a new keyboard.And a few other things. Why?

I registered for Equity Mobile Banking(Eazy 247) believing that it would live up to my expectations.


This is no longer a political blogbut wellKenyans need to know some things.

This is the letter Uhuru Kenyatta Team allegedly sent to the Presidential Debate coordinators, giving reasons for his withdrawal from the second round.

He says they didnt ask about:
Raila Odinga: Triton,Maize,Kazi kwa Vijana,and PEV.
Musalia Mudavadi: Goldenberg
Peter Kenneth:KFF and Kenya-Re scandals
Martha Karua: Moral standing(what?)
Paul Muite: Goldenberg-Kamlesh bribe
        Seems only Mwalimu Dida is the cleanest in this,but you never know,maybe he has ever eaten more than a third food components.


Like several Kenyans,I often ‘line-hop’ to take advantage of the various phone companies offers and differential rates.
Consequently,I have ALL four lines:Safaricom,Yu,Airtel and Orange which I switch to and fro depending on the time of the day and who I want to call in my bid to save an extra coin.
Therefore,if things don’t go according to my expectations I feel cheated and have to call the customer care for an explanation or clarification.And yeah,I am very conscious of my consumer rights,so,I call any time there is an anomaly,and you can trust me I have a detailed view of how every one of them comes through in terms of solving my problems.


One of my readers asked me why I have been quiet about Harambee Stars lately,when they have been so involved in recent weeks.

I kept quiet.

You see,you cant keep defending a loser.I love the Stars,its my National Football team.But I cant go talking about them,drawing attention to our shame.You cant go announcing “come see my love’s wet bed”

We all associate with winners,that’s human nature-unless,of course,you are an Arsenal fan.Even if your child keeps tailing in their class,you dont go telling them off in go silently,and rebuke them accordingly.Unless they tail for many times consecutively,then you consider seeking help.


After 2 years of selfless service, a man realized that he has not been
promoted, no transfer, no salary increase no commendation and that the
Company is not doing any thing about it.

So he decided to walk up to his HR Manager one morning and after
exchanging greetings, he told his HR Manager his observation.

The boss looked at him, laughed and asked him to sit down saying.
My friend, you have not worked here for even one day.

victor brian: SH.10000 AN HOUR? HERE’S HOW

victor brian: SH.10000 AN HOUR? HERE’S HOW: Eenie minie miny mo Do you want to make some dough Listen close I tell you how With life dec…


gender equality
Gender Sum

I just heard the news…Kenya is ranked up there for providing bla bla opportunities for women…thanks to the Constitutional a third quota requirement….

Before la femme movement comes after me na majora, let me confess that I don’t mind being under a woman, I advocate their rise up the corporate ladder, heck, I would vote for a female president!I am an admirer of Wangari Maathai (a must-mention),Angela Merkel, Mother Teresa, Sirleaf….etc.

Article 81(b) Chapter 7 of the Constitution of Kenya states that “no more than two thirds of public posts can be from one gender”.

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