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Mourinho Made Ferguson Retire

You know who I blame for Sir Alex Ferguson deciding it’s time to retire? Jose Mourinho.

If you think that is absurd consider this: Mourinho’s return would present him with a challenge to knock Manchester United off their perch. Chelsea have been Premier League champions and they’ve been European champions. So what could Mourinho offer?

Fergie has talked in a beautiful, endearing way about how he wants to be with his wife, who has supported him for years. It was emotional just listening to him.

But for me the possible arrival of Jose back at Chelsea precipitated the end for the greatest manager English football has seen.

A chance to take over from United permanently as the dominant force in the Premier League and Europe.

Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho
Real pain in the behind

That is Mourinho’s challenge, should he choose to accept it, rather than messing around with pay-offs and financial issues. (If he loved Chelsea, money wouldn’t be a problem, surely?)

Ferguson has every right to turn that challenge down. He is interested in football, not soundbites and enigmatic press conferences.

He is also not interested in any touchline nonsense.

The last time Mourinho was asked to end the dominance of another club was when he took over at Real Madrid. He had no chance of doing it with football, so he poked a coach in the eye, called Barcelona cheats, and left Pep Guardiola so disillusioned with football he gave up.

If Mourinho is happy doing that to Guardiola, he won’t shirk from trying similar tactics with Ferguson.And the old man couldn’t take that-any more.


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