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I Don’t Respect Women

Angry women

And for this headline, the world will order for my stoning. The feminists will rise up and castigate me for saying the unthinkable.

“How can you dare not respect women in this age, you archaic gorilla living in pre-colonial Africa?”

“Your mother is a woman.”

“Who says that?”

“These are the type of men who never left their uncivilised villages.”

“You sexist, misogynistic Trump!”

Well, go on, say it! Roast me. Stone me. But I said it.

I have seen too many of these sentiments these last few weeks. It started with Trump, and continued with Miguna Miguna. Whereas I disapprove anyone actually disrespecting human beings on basis of gender, the way people fall over heels shouting from the rooftops any time they feel like a woman has been disadvantaged leaves you scarred.

Women can’t be wrong. You started it, man!

Nowadays, if someone is fighting with a woman, and there is an exchange of words, the jury turns on the man, and immediately rules that the man has attacked all women. And is disrespectful. Figure this out:

Woman: You are a typical man. Stupid fisi.
Man: What?
Woman: Go on. Be a man and get down into it! Say what you have to say. Call me a bitch.
Man: Shut up, bitch!
Crowd: Did you hear that? This disgusting sexist pig called women bitches!

Women beat up man

The world is a happy place. Men should be beaten.

Two politicians (male and female) banter each other. The woman can say whatever she wants. She can call the man all manner of things… you know politicians are all rotten… but the man has to be a gentleman, take it all in. Because one word, one misplaced word and the whole wide world turns against him. Even when she calls him a racist and he calls her a socialite. (ION, I thought socialites were celebrated people).

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Why? Why do we feel as if women need this manner of protection? Can’t they fight for themselves? I mean, men and women are equal. That’s what we all want to project. And that’s what I believe, what a man can do, a woman can do, because we all are created equal. Our brains are the same, no?

Granted, I would protect my women, or any woman from physical abuse, because, truth is, we are created differently physically. But intellectually? No.

Which takes me to the point, and I spoke to a great lady who shared the same sentiments with me, Dr. Jude. Why do we feel the need to create special political seats for women? Why are university entry grades for girls lower? Can’t the women slug it out with men? Why are you portraying our women as weak? How will the society respect women if everything is handed to them in the name of affirmative action?

Women don’t need everybody to fight for them! All they need is empowering. Give them a voice and confidence and let them do what they have to do. By themselves. And women, you shouldn’t hang up on the offensive every time things don’t go well for one of your own. She has the strength, the power, the energy to fight it out like men (supposedly) do. The more you exercise mobster feminism, the more you antagonise yourselves.

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Arrgh! Annoying Feminists, you make weaken women!

Speaking of feminists, come on! Most of the feminists I meet are just hooligans. They don’t listen to reason, objectivity is not a trait they possess. A woman has been done X and Y, let’s attack the man. Who does he think he is? They won’t go to the bottom of the case, they won’t know the circumstances, they won’t even verify if X and Y happened, they just dive in. That’s very annoying. I saw a conversation on Facebook, the guy had joked that Americans are like Kenyans, they couldn’t vote for a woman. You should have seen the insults.

Feminists are afraid of life. They are afraid of differences of opinion, and especially afraid of men. They are outraged and unduly stressed by much of life itself, and particularly by all but the most feminized men. Look at it… nearly every time the words “chauvinist” and “sexist” are used, they are false and only reinforce the conviction that feminists are weak. Feminism as we know it is a cover of feeling relevant in a competitive world. What it does is project women as weaker, and it definitely makes women weaker. Why fight for myself when I know FIDA will take someone to court for trying to stand up to me?

women against feminism

“I can hold my own beliefs without an army of angry vaginas backing me” –

This world doesn’t need feminists. Kwanza they are very annoying. Bashing men for anything they do does not make women better. They are people, too, you know.

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And back to my main point: I don’t respect women, neither do I disrespect them. I treat them as I should treat other humans. I won’t vote for you just because you are a woman. Neither will I help trend a hashtag just because a woman politician has been insulted. Or take your side just because you are a woman. If you are on the wrong, you are wrong. If you are right you are right. You are not wrong or right because you are female.

But because you are a human being that deserves respect, a voice and life. Not because of your gender. Come on, you can do it yourself. Just believe. Look beyond your gender. Look into your brain… which can achieve anything anyone can achieve, and more.

Don’t expect respect to be handed to you. You have to earn it.

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