Titanic Social Expectations: Men Must Not Survive

I have been reading about the Titanic and its monstrous accident. The ill-fated ship that launched a thousand legends, movies, and a particularly catchy Celine Dion song. We all know the tragic tale: a massive iceberg, a sinking ship, and the heart-wrenching scramble for lifeboats. But there’s an often overlooked part of the story—the men… Continue reading

Gitura Chronicles: Cars of the Devil

Laugh. Laugh again. That’s exercise. Because, as always, Gitura stories are fun. If you read this blog, you know my village, Gitura. If you don’t, I’ll direct you to the other editions of Gitura Chronicles. It’s a village about 3 and a half kilometres East of Maua town where I was born and raised. Today,… Continue reading

A long, happy family ride: The Coast Edition

When we were fighting the coronavirus ravaging our bodies back in July, we said (it’s us, ladies and gentlemen), things have to change to enjoy life more. Because, as they say, life is for the living and you can’t enjoy life in the coffin, donge? That called for some new, different things. Like traveling to… Continue reading

Fatherhood Chronicles: Calla the Toddler

Been a while since I told you about Calla. It’s been a while since I told you anything. Such has life been, busy. I think busyness comes with age, and responsibility. Like the responsibility of raising a toddler girl. Fatherhood. People call them Terrible Twos for a reason. We decided Calla will be called Terrific… Continue reading

30 years

December 23, 1989 is the most important day in my life. It is the day that bore this life, and generation, into existence. It is the day that made me, me. Okay, technically, 9 months before December 23, 1989 was the day that made me, but a lot happens in 9 months, right?  December 23,… Continue reading

Real Men’s Conference

The other day, I attended a workshop for Real Men. That’s right, I was browsing the internet and came across an upcoming event for real men. The posting even taunted me – if you are a real man, sign up. I signed up, because I don’t like people doubting my manliness. It was like those… Continue reading

Amerucan in America

On a certain night last month, I was playing hide and seek with Calla at JKIA to start the longest flight of my flying life. About 26 hours’ journey (of course with the 2 layovers). Destination: the United States of America, specifically Denver, Colorado. This was the result of a 2 month torturous preparation, getting… Continue reading

Miraa Chronicles

I will tell you something we people of Maua don’t like hearing but is true. Miraa is a drug! That’s right and I’m saying it again, Miraa is a drug. Read: Baite Inside! Yes, I am Meru But then, so is weed, and alcohol, and coffee, and tea. Especially coffee and tea – those are… Continue reading

Calla is 2!

Last Sunday, 19th May, we were braving the mud and cold of Limuru that I had started to somehow forget. Destination St. Anthony’s Children’s Home for Girls in a small convoy of two cars. Calla was mostly screaming on her mother’s laps (because her car seat was in the boot) and whenever we drive with… Continue reading

What’s on your Mind?

The other day, I was taking Jeddy to hospital. Then, I also decided to have a small check up – mostly because it’s completely free in that hospital if you have NHIF, otherwise I wouldn’t have because health care is too expensive to go around getting checked if you aren’t sick. You feel me? 🙂… Continue reading

Who Cursed my Farming Career?

I never wanted to be a farmer. I hated farming right from childhood despite my mother being an addicted farmer. Addicted to the level that only darkness, not time, would remove her from her farms. Literally, if there was moonlight, she would continue tilling and weeding and harvesting till late. The only part I enjoyed… Continue reading

Addis Ababa I

There were many reasons why I was looking forward to my hastily prepared trip to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Let’s assume the beautiful women we see in pictures was not one of them – you know, a man has to feed his eyes. I and I Rastas and weed lovers would enjoy a pilgrimage to SHASH-amane… Continue reading

Beating the Wife in the Name of the Lord.

Mary (not her real name) is a woman in a complicated situation. And she is so good an actor, you can’t tell what’s going on in her life. You see, Mary is the wife of a pastor… and on Sundays, she is the bubbly “Mum” of her church, laughing and hugging everyone, leading the worship… Continue reading

Job Interview

Like everyone who wasn’t born to big money, I have had my fair share of job interviews. I have attended a couple – though not as many as most people I know (you wouldn’t say I’m an experienced Interviewee). Maybe I haven’t been lucky to get that many interviews, or maybe many of the interviews… Continue reading

Talking to stones

Have you ever looked at stones and wondered if they communicate, if they have senses, if they have life in there? I mean, they can’t just be there, doing nothing and being nothing. I do. A lot. Sometimes I look at stones differently. Stop giving me that look, I know what looking at a person,… Continue reading

How I Became a Dating Pro.

I am demanding a Honorary Degree in dating. I have had so many dates, dating back many many years, that I want my place among the table of men. Real men. Follow closely. When I was in high school I was the thing. A Gambino Casanova himself(don’t ask me who that is, my mind’s fancy… Continue reading

My 2017 Report Card

How time flies. Just the other day, I was recapping 2016… and then just as I blinked, 2017 was gone and we were singing Feliz Navidad (or whatever that Chriostmas song says. And now we are in 2018. Older. Better? More experienced? So, what are the things that happened in 2017? Switched jobs You probably… Continue reading

The Night I Almost Became an Orphan

Last week. Tuesday 14th 2017. My dad had been complaining of a severe headache for a week. And it was getting worse by the day. He had been to all hospitals in Meru (hospitals in upcountry Kenya can be shit and everyone had been giving him shit painkillers)… including miti shamba. Nothing was working, no… Continue reading

Oh Shit… I love toilets!

Is there an award for the person who spends the most time in the toilet? I deserve that award – I’ve realized I spend insane amounts of time in that little room. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because I have seen the toilet as an adult. You see, in Gitura where I grew up, the… Continue reading

A Man’s Guide to Being a Real Man

The other day I told you to Be A Man … but I did not tell you how. Today I will pass some wisdom over to you. Keep it in thine heart. HERE IS HOW TO BE A REAL MAN! Don’t Fear Shit. Being fearless doesn’t mean you don’t have fear, it means you know… Continue reading

An Angel Lives in Kibera

The night of December 31st, 2007, Kibera Deep inside Kibera Slums, an elderly lady sat alone in a huge, old brick, double roomed house. In Kibera standards, that’s a humongous mansion. This was a wealthy lady… I mean, who owns a brick house amongst all the mud, mabati and polyethene structures? Normally, the old woman… Continue reading

My 10 Badass Life Rules

Life is a journey… and to survive this journey, we all need some rules. Personal and universal life rules. Here are mine… that I think you should add to your constitution. Rule Number 1: Beyond the people who pay me money, no one else knows how much money I make. Never let anyone know how… Continue reading

Am I a Writer? Naah!

I am a reader, that I know. And again, you cannot prove if I am a good reader or not. But writer? Bla blah blah.  Let’s take it back several steps. Before I went to Nursery School, that’s what they were called back then before someone thought of THREE kindergartens before going to Class 1… Continue reading

Medical May: Books I Read in May

In May, I decided to look for Medical books. Not those long, technically boring books with the difficult words that made me not join KMTC, but novels. Stories told by some of the world’s most creative writers. Read on: Tell Me Your Dreams – Sidney Sheldon What if there were other independent people living in… Continue reading

A Letter to my Unborn Baby

Hello, baby. No matter how old you get, you will always be my baby. Wewe ni toto langu. And I will always be your father. I have seen a lot of things that you still don’t know about. I’m not saying I know everything – I expect you to see a lot more than me… Continue reading

Random Memories 5: My First Flight

We had gotten ourselves a business trip to India, Julie and I, for an e-Commerce and Customer Loyalty conference… To travel, you need passports. Which we don’t have and the notice period was three weeks. The queues at Nyayo house are long and torturing. And when I get to the front of the queue they… Continue reading

Being Watch-ed

I got my very first watch a long long time ago. I think I was in Class 4 or 5. It was one of those fake Casios that went for like 25 Shillings – a gift from my father for bringing home a bowl at the end of the term. (Come to think of it,… Continue reading

Yo! Yo! I am a Rapper.

I am a rapper. At heart, everywhere. And now, it’s time to roga you musically. How do I know that? That I am a super MCee, super lyric buster? I just know… I know my talents and rapping is one of them. This rap mojo started when I was in high school. In Form 2,… Continue reading

Books I read in February

  In January, I started my new journey of reading multiple books per month (btw, the picture above is of my growing third library). I did 2 books in January and promised myself to read four in February. Well, I managed to read 3 and a half (the half is part of one of those books that… Continue reading

A Letter to the Women in my Life

Dear My Women, Being the International Women’s Day, I take this opportunity to appreciate you for being in my life. Being the strong pillars of the universe and the neck of this world. Thanks for being bold and standing with me… and being the epitome of strength. You are the strongest people ever, and I… Continue reading