30 years

I am 30!

December 23, 1989 is the most important day in my life. It is the day that bore this life, and generation, into existence. It is the day that made me, me. Okay, technically, 9 months before December 23, 1989 was the day that made me, but a lot happens in 9 months, right? 

December 23, 1989 is the day I was born! 

Mummy Tabby and her doting lover – they were not married – Daddy K must have looked down into my eyes and felt the same way I felt when I first looked into Calla’s eyes. I envy them. Because looking into your kid’s innocent, undefiled eyes is probably the best feeling on earth. 

30 was a long way ago
30 years was a long time ago | The earliest pic I could find of baby me

Now, obviously, these eyes have been defiled. I have seen things. Lots of things as I eat salt. Lots of salt. I am old – I am 30! I cringe when I say that. If this was 1830, I would be a junior Meru elder now, strategising battles between us and the Maasai. And leading the lines. I would be a man of repute with two wives and 8 children, 33 cows and more goats and sheep. I would have 120 acres of land in Rwaaanda (not Rwanda, you autocorrect). 

When I say 30, I feel old. Like I am not supposed to be laughing in the presence of women and children. Every time I look at the ages of the greatest footballers in European Leagues I feel like a relic. Imagine I am older than Eden Hazard, Harry Kane, Mohammed Salah and many of the rest. I am only 2 years younger than Messi. How many years have you heard and cheered to these names? I mean, it doesn’t feel right. Does it? I don’t even feel 30. 

I feel like I just turned 18. Or maybe I am in denial.

But, I am proud of my 3 decades. Big up to my parents for taking me to school early. I joined school at 3 years, which was younger than most children then. Going through school, I would rarely say my age because I would almost always be younger. And younger people don’t get respect where I come from. I did not look younger, so it helped – I was being forced to mature before my time. I know people who will be surprised reading this. 🙂

So, I finished Primary School at 12 going and High School at 16 in 2006, and joined college at 17 in mid 2007. Children, the infamous Post Election Violence found me in college. My first 2 decades and the first part of my 20s were gobbled up by school. Now, that’s boring. Is it only me or was school life hyper-boring? Years seemed much longer and progressions wide apart. Ama ni mimi tu?

graduating with grandma
My granny Kaumo (RIP) at my graduation. I know it’s a bad picture, right? When I was 21, phone cameras were 1.5MP.
My 20s have moved so fast I can’t believe it! And a lot has changed in my life. I have learned more than I learnt in my 2 decades in continuous schooling. Heck, I have achieved more. 

God, and mentors in various stages of life, have helped me grow – and man, have I grown! In college, I used to go hang out at Alex’s Kemnet wiling away my days. I discovered things ICT can do and he was gracious to let me experiment and build things. That’s how I found myself with a career in things digital despite studying accounting and Finance. Christine Mwiti, one of the finest digital professionals of decade then held my hands all the way to Limuru in Bata, started me up on a strong foundation and like Mother Hen, left me to my devices. The rest, as they say, is history.

I have worked in 7 companies in those years! Each job has been successful, and has contributed a lot to my learning curve. It’s been a rollercoaster – and that’s the beauty of youth – you have the agility to experiment and even fuck up.

At 30, I think I need to settle now.  Sisi wazee…

In the 20s, I also discovered twa twa – the extremely pleasurable gift from God. Look at you waiting for details! I am like a cat, I kiss in the dark, and don’t tell. Only that there is evidence – Calla! In my 20s, I met the love of my life and the result is that I am now a father of the most beautiful girl you will ever see – trust me on that. Calla came into our lives and became a reason why the last two and half years have seemed like 2 and half months.

Calla | Fatherhood is a revelation.

Thinking about it, Calla could be reason my decade has moved so fast. She brightens our lives and her theatrics make us look forward to living each day. Fatherhood has been another school in my life. One that I have embraced, fallen in love with and happily surrendered to. Having a family makes you responsible, I swear! It makes you wipe your eyes open from the milk of utoto and start thinking straight.

In my 30s, I will get Calla a sibling, or eight. I plan to win Father of the Decade.

Personal goals have been met in my 20s. Okay, not goals, really, because I did not set any goals at the start of the decade, but I thank God for who I am today. And what I have done with my life so far. I mean, I wouldn’t have done anything even if there were goals I fell short of, would I? So, I will pop the champagne and enjoy the achievements of the decade, while drowning the failures. 

I have rediscovered God and my spirituality, I am surrounded by love and grace, I am healthy and alive, I have given and received, I have been to a couple of countries, I own a couple of assets of my own… and many, many blessings that I didn’t even deserve. What more can a 30 year OLD man ask for?

At 30, life is about to begin – and 30s will be my best decade yet! So, hold my glass, and help me God. 

Happy Birthday to me. 

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  1. marc January 1, 2021 at 4:08 pm

    Nice post friend! Only 30 and so many accomplishments and great attitude. Your light will shine even brighter this decade.
    Best wishes,


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