7 Tips for Successful Business Social Media.

Last week, I commemorated (not really, just nominally) my year in Corporate Social Media. I now feel like a guru! I believe I now know a thing or two about Social Media to “write a credible academic journal”-or not. Corporate Social Media and personal social media activities are the same. You adopt your industry current and swim along. Only that you can’t Retweet some stuff. 

Let me share with you the following tips that I have learnt over time. Tips for successful business social media activity:

1. Use your Personal Voice

People want to communicate with an individual, not a business entity. Keep all of your posts in a personal voice. This way, people will respond to you as a person.
Don’t be flat, or Robotic. Be personable.

2. Provide Information.

Each of your tweets has to have a purpose. It has to provide information about relevant topics in your area. People want to engage social media accounts that provide useful information. I read somewhere, and I totally agree, that only 20% of your social media activity should be self-promotional.

In Social Media, stand for something and become an authority in it.

3. Know your audience and engage it.

We all want to reach everyone with our posts. That’s not very possible if you want Point 2 to hold. Know what your key demographic is and who you are going after, then create and design your content specifically for them. Keep them engaged, or you will lose it all.
Relate with your audience. 

4. Connect Individually

Social Media is about interaction.  If someone tags you in a post or tweet, try your best to comment back when possible. This will help build a direct relationship with the individual. You want a personal connection. This is why you need to engage your audience by sharing articles of interest and talking about issues that are important to you and your customers. Something else that works: Greet them by name.
Respond to your followers and engage your audience. It’s ‘Social media,’ remember!

5. Be Honest

Are customers complaining? Are you running a social media campaign? Stay transparent. This way, your customers are going to look favorably on you and it adds to your credibility. Don’t overhype something and then the customer feels short-changed. 
Be frank. 

6. Use Hashtags

Hashtags turn words into hyperlinks that connect with all the other folks using that same term on the Social Media platform. Twitter has been known for hashtags, but now Facebook and Google + are in the mix. They are a great way to engage with a broader audience of people talking about the same topics. This helps draw attention to it, and is more likely to connect you with your target audience. 
Hashtags connect you to your audience. Be relevant. Don’t overdo them.

7. It’s never too serious

Remember Point 1? Because you are tweeting for a business doesn’t mean that it’s all business. Post/tweet fun photos and quotes. Make your timeline interesting! You can create a viral post too! And you know what normally goes viral-fun!

All work and no play in social media makes you a boring corporate.

Something else that works for you? Share it with all of us in the comment section below.

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