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Calla is 2!

Calla birthday cake

Last Sunday, 19th May, we were braving the mud and cold of Limuru that I had started to somehow forget. Destination St. Anthony’s Children’s Home for Girls in a small convoy of two cars. Calla was mostly screaming on her mother’s laps (because her car seat was in the boot) and whenever we drive with her at the co-driver’s seat, it’s drama. See, she believes she can drive better than all of us old people with failing eyesight, and so, she wants to be at the wheel, or changing the gears.… Continue Reading

Fatherhood Chronicles 2: Stubborn Calla is Born

Calla baby foot BORN

Kids, when you see the little, cute babies, don’t think it’s an easy, cute thing. Giving birth is not your mother. 🙂

It’s a whole 9 months of strife, of carrying an extra, 3 or 4 kgs, all day every day, not forgetting your own ballooning weight. Going to hospital for every simple illness, like an headache. It’s being ready always, like a Boy Scout, because you don’t know the day nor the hour, when the baby will want to pop.… Continue Reading

Fatherhood Chronicles: Her name will be Calla.

fatherhood frankmwenda

On 19th May 2018, an event was going down at the Nairobi Children’s Home in Lower Kabete. There was food, games, lots of gifts, and cake. Oh, and a brightly dressed girl in a shining crown. A princess.

The name of the event was CALLABASH.

It was quite a party. Complete with 2 MCs and white, custom t-shirts by one Mike Atoti (don’t ask me about the second name).… Continue Reading

A long, happy family ride: The Coast Edition

frankmwenda coast trip

When we were fighting the coronavirus ravaging our bodies back in July, we said (it’s us, ladies and gentlemen), things have to change to enjoy life more. Because, as they say, life is for the living and you can’t enjoy life in the coffin, donge?

That called for some new, different things.

Like traveling to places we’ve never gone to, such as Gachie, Dandora, Embakasi, Marsabit… and South Coast.… Continue Reading

30 years

I am 30!

December 23, 1989 is the most important day in my life. It is the day that bore this life, and generation, into existence. It is the day that made me, me. Okay, technically, 9 months before December 23, 1989 was the day that made me, but a lot happens in 9 months, right? 

December 23, 1989 is the day I was born! 

Mummy Tabby and her doting lover – they were not married – Daddy K must have looked down into my eyes and felt the same way I felt when I first looked into Calla’s eyes.… Continue Reading

Amerucan in America

Denver, US of America

On a certain night last month, I was playing hide and seek with Calla at JKIA to start the longest flight of my flying life. About 26 hours’ journey (of course with the 2 layovers). Destination: the United States of America, specifically Denver, Colorado.

This was the result of a 2 month torturous preparation, getting the US Visa in the confusing times of the Kenya e-Passport.… Continue Reading

Fatherhood Chronicles 3: Meeting my Daughter for the First Time.

Where were we last time? Oh yes … I was crying myself to sleep when I heard the news that Calla, hear this, MY daughter had been born healthy. Jeddy actually used the sentence “I’m holding your kamzungu here.”

That was the picture I slept with at 2:00 am and woke up to at 4:30 am without the need of an alarm. Those who know me know I can sleep, and I do sleep.… Continue Reading

Baite Inside! Yes, I am a Meru!

Meru Boy chewing miraa

A few weeks ago, I was lazily scrolling my Facebook when I saw a beauty. Some of you will call me a fisi, but males are supposed to “see” beautiful females, right?  I see them a lot. But this one caught my eye. She was beautiful. I just like such photos. But I commented on this. See, she was wearing a tee shirt that resonated with me.

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