About Me

Frankline Kibuacha

I am (was) a Certified Public Accountant who fell in love with the Internet and the power it wields; awed by how the world wide web has changed the world and intrigued by how marketing is progressively easy and fun… so I became a Digital Marketer! You can call me your Digital Accountant.

I have over 8 years of experience in Digital Marketing, E-commerce, and Public Relations, in multinationals, agencies, and even startups. I basically create campaigns that sell online.



Digital Marketing

Not to chest-thumb, maybe just a little, since 2012 I have worked with over 50 brands – in all stages from start-up to corporate – in defining and executing digital marketing campaigns that achieve lasting results.

My specialties are Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Search (PPC), Email Marketing, and Web Analytics & Reporting

I go beyond the LIKE and the CLICK, I always strive to deliver conversions.

Web Design

I am not a perfect web designer because it’s all tough language that some designers went to school for. So far, you know I did not. But I have perfected the art of looking at the end result – you tell me what you need to be done, and I get it for you, fast! I have an eye for design and I am very hard to please, so, the sites I develop are ultimately eye-catching and to the pin.

So, yeah. I have a couple of websites and countless web pages to my name.


My teachers say I should have become a journalist – as if blogging is not journalism enough. Anyway, I was whipping massive compositions back in school… and I still enjoy writing – it’s become my bread and butter and when I am not writing corporate stuff, I am writing on my personal blog or The Ameru… or writing up my first book – which I think I write about an hour every year. I should improve on this, right?


Digital Marketing & Outreach Manager

Digital Marketing Manager @ Africa 118

Digital Marketing Manager

Africa 118

Marketing Manager Kilimall

Marketing & PR Manager

Kilimall International

Head on Online Marketing @ LIVELUVO

Head of Online Marketing


Head of Online Business

Bata Shoe Company




Nairobi, Kenya