A friend of mine came to ask me for advice the other day.
She’s pregnant!So,do I know anybody who can ‘get rid of this?’ Because
‘I’m still very young,man,I cant support a kid!’
I looked at her and said ‘yeah,I know many people who can do that’ You
should have seen her face light up!
But wait…
“But I wont hook you up with any!”
“What?”She looked at me in surprise,its like I had told her I wouldnt
share a last meal with her.
Before she banged the door to leave,I told her..”Dearie,go back to the basics”
You see,everything you do under the sun has consequences and you
should either avoid them,mitigate them,or accept them wholly!
For instance this girl,lets call her Makena.She couldnt have just
happened on her condition,she must have ‘eaten arrowroots’ as granny
would call it.
Sex is good,its sweet,especially when you are not supposed to be
having it.Your parent would say Abstain,Jimmy Gathu Be faithful to
one,doctors,use a Condom.Everybody know this,its EVERYWHERE!Those who
have gone to school get it in the syllabus,Makena is in Second Year at
University,She knows!

But she chose to ignore it,or throes came above her reason.She enjoyed
it,I bet,they say candy is sweet without wrappings…I wasnt
there,maybe I was cold and lonely somewhere in downtown Nairobi or
But now,she wants me to join in her woes,by killing!Thats how I view
abortion,its MURDER!
She sees it as my responsibility as a friend.
Now she wont talk to me,and I wont back can I call her and
say ‘Make,come,lets go kill that bastard’
I’d be damned.Go back to basics and explain (to yourself) how it
happened and if there is a choice.
If your car gets involved in an accident.Go back to basics and see
where you went wrong,could you have avoided it by not speeding?or
checking the brakes?
Go back to basics.

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