There are some things that exceed human stupidity. I call it “Excessive human stupidity” for lack of a single solid term to describe some actions. It’s even worse when these actions are done by men who have gone to school and call themselves educated. Some of these actions include the disgraceful actions from a clique of Gor Mahia fans yesterday after their 0-0 draw with AFC Leopards.

Two AFC Leopards fans lost their lives after unfortunately being caught in the middle of wanton destruction and violence from zombie-like, almost brainless, childish men that insultingly call themselves fans of Gor Mahia. May their souls rest in peace.

It is always the hope of every one a fan out there that the Kenyan Football scene is devoid of such violence witnessed yesterday. The truth is, most fans are truly worth the name “Fan”; they support their team in sensible ways like composing a team anthem, acquiring themselves a jersey, attending matches when they can and overall, being disciplined in their exploits as fans. This has been the norm for most of us who call ourselves fans. But what happens when some hooligans inject insanity in their football emotions? Absolute mayhem and sadly, death.

Those who participated in that stupid stone-throwing session should feel extremely ashamed of themselves! All they did was taint the name of Gor-Mahia as a club and brought Kenyan football to its death throes. They have taken us a few years back when a young boy lost his life in Nyayo Stadium after a game. They have taken us back to those years when people avoided going to stadia since violence was the order of the day. It’s unfair to football as a whole that a small group of football goons have caused this much harm. Such people should be identified, arrested and given time long enough in the gaol where they can have adequate time in their hands to stone each other and the jail mice.

In perspective, the violence that happened yesterday was a huge dent in the Gor image (that had been getting better with every sunrise) and should as such seek ways to discipline their rogue fans (If they ever were). The KPL should also step in and make sure Kenyan soccer doesn’t go the Egyptian way. They should issue stern fines where need be. Some of us are really done for with this soccer violence from adults with beyond-childish demeanors.

A cry from the true fans out there who want to watch peaceful football and go home to their beds goes out to these excessively stupid humans: STYLE UP OR STAY OFF FOOTBALL!

STONES cant win a FOOTBALL League…..Its a GAME,not WAR!

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