“Pastor!I cant sit there,and let you defile the Lord’s alter with such an immoral topic”

 “Yes!I agree with that…this is not the right topic in the House of the Lord”

This is what transpired on Sunday,in my Church,Mamlaka Hill Chapel immediately the Pastor announced the topic for the day.A man came charging to the pulpit,demanding that the pastor ceases from preaching on that topic.”..its unacceptable in the house of the Lord”

The Topic was “The Gay Challenge”

The reaction,thankfully it was a prank,epitomizes the attitude our society approaches the Gay issue with.The ‘socially upright” especially Christians have assumed a no-tolerance stance-and it remains so.The gay are extremely sinful and dont deserve as much as a mention-It hurts the ear!

The truth is,it is an issue that should not be ignored considering the levels Gay behaviors have covered in the society,everywhere you turn,there are girls smooching,or men in heels and make up.There are Gay Clubs in all major towns in Kenya,every weekend has a gay party somewhere,there are lobby groups every other day in the streets fighting for Gay Recognition,Gay sex workers dot our streets-You cant avoid it!

So,how do we approach the issue?Intolerance is not an option!

The pastor pointed us to the story of the woman who had been caught in adultery and brought to Jesus.Remember…. “he who doesnt have a sin cast the first stone”?

And I agree with the pastor.

Don’t call someone “shoga”,hence you spit at them,whereas you bribe a Traffic Police Officer,or you fornicate!A sin is a sin no matter how socially (un)acceptable it is!Yes,we know its not moral,but they have somehow found themselves in it…Who are we to judge them?Do you judge somebody without hearing their side of the story?That would be a sin in itself(Do not judge)-and we are back in Square One!

They are our people,befriend them…..and since Homosexuality is NOT inborn(there is scientific proof),help them join the good way-Salvation as a totality.

And as we do that,lets examine ourselves first,before being judge-mental.Keep the stigma away,Christian..we are all of the same God.Talk to them,help them open up to what’s natural…draw them nearer to God,and the community,not deeper into the abyss.

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