This and the next few weeks is Mamlaka Hill Chapel’s Art Fest.It’s a time when various artists show their skill in a Godly background.So,this Sunday the church was set in a different way..by the way,this is a very flexible church,sometimes its a theater-complete with lighting and all,other times it’s a beauty pageant-with a real runway and cat-walking chicks and dudes-like this Sunday was.

On the pulpit-today it was a stage,as the service continues,Steve and Elizabeth are painting in real time..Steve is doing a warrior drawing and Eliz is showing the different divides that are there in our lives,complete with a black box that we put our ugly secrets,hatred,ethnicity,etc.Its breathtaking.

There is a dramatized piece on fear which the performer completes by unveiling some of the most breathtaking paintings you will ever see anywhere…stuff that should hang on your wall!

Michael Jackson would be envious if he saw the break-dancing trio that comes up next…intertwined with a fashion show that would have given Ashley’s a run for their money.How could I forget the cakes on show(and the free giveaways).

The closing prayer was a poem by Larry-that guy is an epic poet.God must have smiled at such a prayer,so melodic,rhyming and sensible.

This was all concluded in a complete Exhibition later in the afternoon.Look at the images.

Art in Church?You may ask.Yeah,according to Pastor Ondachi and Artist Flora,there is no greater honour to God than to appreciate His great artist hand.If you look around,all you will see is fine art..the landscape,the people of all colours and language…everything is deliberately designed…there is no better place to do that than in church.

God is articulate about using our gifts.Now,art is a gift from God.Never doubt that…and if you have a gift,you gotta use it.You got to express yourself(that’s what art means)

Flora says you CAN LIVE ON ART.Proverbs 18:16 says,A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men(KJV)…..your room is where you thrive,where you let out what you were created for…where you take your place on earth…Great men is the audiences that you present yourself to the world.

Artists cant stand on their own,they say..they are some of the most shy people in the world and marketing themselves is quite hard…we need to support them…just be a fan..show them you are interested…its all they need.

So,friends,welcome to Mamlaka Hill Chapel for the next few weeks and marvel at the talent…painting/drawing,Poetry,dancing,cake-baking,fashion design,playing instruments,drama…its something you pay arm and a leg out there,free here..in just the right environment.

Collectors…go get your collections!And you,reader..do you have a talent?What are you doing about it..what will you say when asked by its Giver what you did with it.Go do your at Mamlaka or wherever you should be..NOW!

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