Get a Life! Live like you live for Social Media

is your life sad or happy?

We all know that one person who’s always sad about something, or angry at someone. Roll your mind…do you see someone? Sad Facebook posts about someone who betrayed them, a sickness they are having, how broke they are.

Like a friend of mine on Facebook, whose posts I noticed were all sad as I scrolled through. It was a sad timeline. I mentioned this to a friend, and she told me about this other girl whose baby daddy became dead beat and for all the three years since, her posts have seen very sad. In sharp contrast to the guy’s posts- he always has these happy Instagram-sque type of posts.

And this projects a very desperate, miserable picture of you to the world. A negative one.

You know, we are all going through some pressures of some sort, all of us. We all suffer rejection here and there when we try to love someone, illness, losing close people, financial crisis (no rent, no food, no stima token), a failed exam, betrayals from friends and family, heartbreaks, joblessness… the list is imperishable.

But what if everyone let these things take our lives over? Trust me…nothing will move. You know, your life is more important than all these things and without it, you will not recover them.

Whining on Social Media when others are posting happy selfies doesn’t encourage your life. Dwelling on the heartbreak will halt your life while the other person gets his life on whereas crying because the rent date is closing in won’t pay for your house. Being bitter because a friend let you down won’t lift you up. You need to know people are unreliable anyway.

Your crying will not cause other people swollen eyes. Nope!

So, what do you do when life hands you a blow? Get up and fight back! There is nothing  as futile and draining as beating yourself over things. Once you let yourself beat yourself you are done. If you self-confidence is gone, trust me, you are gone.

Your life, online

Why post your problems online anyway? If you are looking for pity on Facebook you will get it. But that’s all you will get. You won’t get approval, you won’t get money, you won’t get friends. Nobody wants to be associated with miserable people. It’s human life.

And that’s why you need to get real friends offline. People you can talk to without fear of judgement. People who can genuinely listen to you, and most importantly, people you also have their back. If all you do is tell me your problems and not share your good moments with me, there’s no use listening to you too).

You need real friends offline

Then once you are done crying offline on a shoulder that matters, go online if you have to and post your happiest picture. Confuse them. That’s what Instagram and Facebook are for. Don’t for a moment think that the glamorous things you see online are actually real. No. These people are not always happy. They are not visiting the best hotels in the city, they are not always travelling, they are not always “chilling with their girlfriends”… They have just chosen to show that side to the world.

Get a life!

Which side of your life will you show? And most importantly… will you stop allowing things that you can’t control ruin your living life? For real?

Another thing, avoid Negative People. The world is full of awful things that you will face throughout your life. Therefore there is no need to get around people who will exaggerate the complexity of every single issue. Avoid those who constantly complain, whine and radiate negativity. Hang out with easy going and always positive, smiling people who will charge you with the positive energy and guarantee a great mood.

Let me not see you sad again, unless I am your confidant. Be happy, for Chrissake! Keep the smile radiant.

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