Have You Seen This Idiot?

Kay Eye Isaac
I hate Whatsapp! Let me rephrase that. I dislike some aspects of Whatsapp. Like the endless viral messages you receive from 69 people and in 13 groups. You may get the same freaking picture 7 times in the SAME group! I would uninstall it any time were it not for my stinginess with airtime. Why chat on Bob’s expensive airtime when you can do it for free(almost?).

By the way, it is official! You will NOT be paying for annual subscription for Whatsapp! I would not have paid. Kwani ni stima?

Back to where I was. Sometimes I don’t view the images and videos sent over Whatsapp and later, muuch later, I chance upon weird things in my phone that I don not remember downloading. Some are funny and silly (few things are funny and I looove silly things, because I am silly?).

So, today, I saw this video in my gallery three times. THREE times! I could not trace it to anyone . Okay, I keep deleting Whatsapp chats due to reasons known to myself.  I have been told it is doing rounds on the App. It was featuring my guy- Kay Eye! Remember the guy I told you quit his job while we were at Bata to pursue his singing talent? I have not met him since but I have seen him doing stuff that I want to do when I grow up…. Be on TV, nini nini. Oh, he has won the Riverwood Awards, too!

That is singing and dancing and acting. But in this video, he is an idiot! A complete idiot!

Now you agree with me. Kay Eye, if you are reading this…you cracked me up! Go on, become the biggest comedian from Ukambani since rain. (see what I did there?)

5 Comments Have You Seen This Idiot?

  1. james January 21, 2016 at 12:55 pm

    Go…go…go…go Kay Eye, we've got your back men. Wachana na wewe uliiona kwa gallary eti triplicate, I have marked it, everytime I see a video nkiiona naihepa coz I have it already kwa gallery n it cracks me everytime I open it.
    Kudos Kay Eye… You are indeed the biggest comedian in Ukambani!

  2. Rich January 23, 2016 at 4:10 pm

    Ebu tuma hiyo video Frank…


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