One of my readers asked me why I have been quiet about Harambee Stars lately,when they have been so involved in recent weeks.

I kept quiet.

You see,you cant keep defending a loser.I love the Stars,its my National Football team.But I cant go talking about them,drawing attention to our shame.You cant go announcing “come see my love’s wet bed”

We all associate with winners,that’s human nature-unless,of course,you are an Arsenal fan.Even if your child keeps tailing in their class,you dont go telling them off in public..you go silently,and rebuke them accordingly.Unless they tail for many times consecutively,then you consider seeking help.

I dont know what to say about this kid Harambee..he is a certified loser.I think its time to get him from school and see if he has other talents,such as carpentry,mechanic…anything that can help him in life.

In one month,Harambee is condemned to having to wait for at least 2014 to compete again.We got eliminated from Africa Cup of Nations,and World Cup is now a pipe dream-only mathematical possibilities remain.

I am disappointed,we all are!And I think international football isn’t our thing.Lets use the money where we have returns-athletics,volleyball,rugby,or better,develop an entirely new cream of players.

We lost hope.

I am tired of disappointments and I might retire from international football,too!

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