Life and Times of a Idle Youth

The phone rings at 8:00 am,very irritating….I look at it with one eye and gauge its importance in my dream.Its dad..he can wait.I hit the silence button and sink deeper into blankets..
It rings again at 8:50…its Mum…..again I turn a blind eye…but her words since my childhood “..a little slumber..(you know the rest,I bet your mother also told you)..” jolt me to smithens.

I look at the gas cooker at the corner of my ‘remote control’ house…the dirty dishes of last night(the girl next door came just when I had finished cooking,and cut my ratio in half,thats why there are two plates-otherwise,I eat off the sufuria). Last night’s ugali is enough for now…so I make black tea,get the remaining chunk..and I’m good to go.I brush my teeth and clean my face..hell,I showered yesterday,and I didn’t sleep in the sewage,did I?

Its time for work-the jobsearching kind.And is it tasking!I write myself into a frenzy…I even got myself a directory.Yesterday it was hospitals,today its hotels.

In the midst of my writing, a call comes in,its a customer.You know,I own several bluechip companies on the net….and that totally disrupts me…its thinking time. So,I place my legs on the table, lean back on the plastic chair,and start dreaming-my company will be  huge.

“Wee msee,umelala kama umeketi?”…its my ‘homies’ from next door..jeez..I didnt hear them come in.Its talk time!All girls in the plot get their biographies plotted…two hours later,we realize a number of them make common denominators…of the intimate type..and laugh ourselves silly.Men love sharing!

In the process of monkeying around,lights go on!Its 4:00-thats when the power ration ends…another day has gone and I havent dropped any of my growing library of application letters! Tomorrow…I will make sure.

I drop in front of the computer.Its Movie Time!I was watching this series last night and I must complete it today-before supper!

I have the sukuma wiki ready-thats the bachelor’s perennial staple food…

Tomorrow..I will wear my mtumba suit,complete with a borrowed tie..and hit the tarmac.Wish me luck

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