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Do what is necessary to succeed in life, not what is popular to fit in.”

” Pick and choose who you put stock into, not everyone is meant to be a friend nor are they worth spending thoughts on. Put your stock into people who are not only about themselves but care about you as a person, cares about how you feel and someone who will add to your life.”

” I never worry about people who are so quick to point out problems. Usually, they aren’t so quick to do something to solve them.”

” Kindness can become its own motive. We are made kind by being kind.”

” Be grateful for whoever comes, because each guest has been sent as a guide from beyond.”

” The answer to having a better life is not about getting a better life, it’s just about changing how we see the one we have right now.”

” Don’t complain; just DO something! Your complaining won’t change anything.”

Complaining won’t help, it just adds to the problem. ACT and your problem will be solved.

” Instead of focusing on the darkness in the situations of life, let the light of prayer lighten the pathway to a healthier way of thinking. Trust me, if you wish harm to others, you only harm yourself. They rest well at night; how about you? “

” For everyone I know who is going through hard times, I wish you the serenity you need. Find your inner self and seek the closure you need to live your life freely.”

” Seeking help is not a sign of weakness. It’s an intellectual act that allows people to admit that some situations are not meant to be handled alone.”

” Shame is a sham, change is a challenge; knowing this is the future for our sunrise and the sunset to our past.”

It is time for change in our global community. Forgiveness, understanding and healing is our start!

” Never underrate yourself since you can do something others cannot do. Believe in yourself that you are unique too.”

It has changed my life and I recommend it to anyone.

” True friendship does not seek usefulness or pleasure to facilitate its survival. Its roots spring from the grounds of trust and understanding, fed by torrents of commitment and compassion. The result is the tree of life itself. If nurtured properly with love, it blooms into paradise. One may humbly eat its fruit and never starve.”

” Relationships are something that must be worked on all the time, not only when they are broken and need to be fixed!”

My purpose in life is to help others with their personal and business relationships.

” Family is somebody who cares about you.”

” Trust is not something that can be granted, only earned. Conversely, trust is something that cannot be taken away, only lost. Therefore, only we as individuals are ultimately responsible for gaining as well as maintaining the trust of those with whom we interact with in daily life.”

” Investing time in yourself is the only safe investment that will give you maximum return throughout life.”

We do lot of investment to gain maximum return… but we never think of investing time in ourselves. It’s important in life to grow as a person.

” The main two rules for happiness are to see if whatever you think and whatever you do is healthy for your mind and healthy for your body.”

This is what I have experienced from my own life.

” Every now and then, I have to remind myself of the fine line between what I think I am entitled to and selfishness.”

” Your past is forever dead but your unborn future is on your hands.”

” It feels amazing when you look at your past life and find that you have become: no one -> nobody -> somebody -> someone -> The one. And the pains and journey are worthwhile when you are ‘The one’.”

” To hold my hand is to hold my heart… It is where love begins and forever starts.”

” Don’t be afraid to lose something that’s already gone.”

” Do you like WHO they are or do you like WHAT they are?”

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