what if you tattooed my name
upon your bosom
and showed it
so everyone knew
who i was
and what i mean to you

what if i
was your everything today
your heartbeat
the reason that you smile
at life
your very breath
what if i was all this and more
but when you woke up tomorrow
you feel nothing at all for me?

no hatred or reason to fight
no bitterness nor need for it
no antagonism
and no affection


what if the magic just

there are things i fear
in love
more than i fear
the other woman
more than i fear my lover leaving
without a word

love lost
the feeling of feeling nothing
nothing at all
that i fear most

tracking stray things
i can
rekindling a flickering flame
that too
but making things
reappear from the air
like a magician’s abracadabra
i cannot

how do you create love
or anything
from nothingness
i am not God

what do you do
when cupid
does disappearing acts
and you love no more
feel no more
no matter how much
you wish it be

walking away
from hurt and betrayal
i can handle

but looking at you
and i want so badly
to touch you
to hold on to this
this void
this left emptiness
that none of us is guilty
for making
that i cannot handle

that’s what i fear most
in love
when it breathes warmly
in your ear
and whispers of forever
only to grow wings at midnight
and leave an emptiness

between two lovers
who are left
to stare at each other
with tears in both their eyes
as they wonder
what went wrong

not another woman
not my man leaving
not even finding him cheating

love leaving
and like a black hole
leaving nothingness
and an emptiness
that’s neither cold nor warm

that i fear most

>>>Masido Mwambi

A very talented and reknown poet….Knowing her was a discovery!…a relevation!


  1. Jedz March 16, 2017 at 10:19 am

    I think I fear that too


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