Like several Kenyans,I often ‘line-hop’ to take advantage of the various phone companies offers and differential rates.
Consequently,I have ALL four lines:Safaricom,Yu,Airtel and Orange which I switch to and fro depending on the time of the day and who I want to call in my bid to save an extra coin.
Therefore,if things don’t go according to my expectations I feel cheated and have to call the customer care for an explanation or clarification.And yeah,I am very conscious of my consumer rights,so,I call any time there is an anomaly,and you can trust me I have a detailed view of how every one of them comes through in terms of solving my problems.
I rate them according to:
  • The number of times I have to call them.
  • Connection time
  • Professionalism
  • Knowledge of the executives
  • Solution of my problem
Orange does not have many problems,so you don’t have to call customer care every time..and when you do,the connection is fast,the executives are quite professional,know their work well and chances are,you will come out of that call smiling,your query having been solved.
They are relatively active on twitter,responding to queries now and then.
No much complaints.
Number:100 Twitter: @OrangeKenya

It is the market leader,with the most subscribers and I think it’s quite overwhelmed by its client base in terms of customer care-just visit it’s customer care centers and the queues will tell you.Its eternally busy and connection is lucky.However,if you are lucky to get through,you will be served professionally though satisfaction is not guaranteed.
On a bright side,their Twitter team is very efficient and is my preferred method of contacting Safaricom Care.
Number: 100 Twitter: @SafaricomLtd/ @Safaricom_Care
This kid Yu.It has the most offers and is the choice for many youth due to its many free-call offers.The most cost-efficient but a very low quality.Its network is quite congested considering it’s number of subscribers.Still uses EDGE Internet(sucks) and routine dealings such as checking airtime balance and topping-up is so tasking that you just give up.
Now,the customer care is boring,for lack of a better word.Not so disappointing,but chances are,your problem wont be adequately sorted out.The executives may not even have an idea what you are talking about,and if you insist,they will disconnect you-quite unprofessional.
If you complain on twitter,they will answer after one week,with an excuse-if they respond at all!
Number: 100 Twitter: @yuKenya
I saved the worst for last.Actually,Airtel is the reason I wrote this.
They have so many blunders-overcharging you,network issues(the 3.75G is barely noticeable),Internet wont connect for a week,among many others-so you will have to call them ALL THE TIME.
And when you call,connection time is fine-if you call during the day.I don’t know if they close at night.The executives may sound rude if you get too insistent,they will tell you a lie,like ‘we will call you’ or ‘I have forwarded your issue to the technicians’ or ‘switch your phone off and back on’.It’s very unlikely that your issue will be sorted.
I actually know one girl working at Airtel who asks me for their GPRS settings,they might have an offer that the executives don’t know about!
If they overcharge you,you have to insist for a refund-they keep telling you to wait,and when they do,it wont be the whole amount.
Their twitter account does not even seem like theirs-You will NEVER get a response or any updates.
They need to improve.
Number: 111 Twitter: No Need.

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