BAKE awards
So,the other day I am sitting idly in the house when I get a twitter mention by Ghafla Kenya….that I am among the nominees for a BAKE Award..with a link.
At first,I think its a link for me to vote for them…but,oh my!My football blog has been nominated for the Awards!Ok,I don’t remember submitting it,maybe a fan did(God Bless Them)..and.of all my blogs,this is the one blog I pay least attention to..and it has a nomination?
I must say its the highest point of my blogging life(I almost said career)..and it took me some time to get the gist of it all.

The BAKE Blog Awards rewards bloggers that post on a regular basis, have great and useful content, are creative and innovative.

You see,I am not much of a blogger,but I do it at times..its like my public diary…Thanks to my IT dad Alex Mwiti,I own a domain..which is quite a huge step made in this practice.Ok,I used to blog before,and I was quite undecided on what field to major in,so,I tried many,getting bored fast… PoliticsFootballMusic,Jobs,Inspiration,et all…I even tried being naughty.
Well,I concentrated more on Poems, Inspiration and Frank Opinion on everything…including the football that won me this.
It was a glorious moment..I have been glowing.
I don’t know how many votes I will get,but this nomination is still great for me..A win would give me wings to fly.It would surprise me,but this nomination gave me a good preparation for that.
My readers can VOTE FOR ME HERE under the BEST SPORTS BLOG category.

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