There has been news in the past few weeks that there is a plan(if not already being implemented) to provide free needles for drug a bid to prevent HIv/AIDS from sharing needles.

And I dont like the idea-at all!

You see,drug abuse is a personal choice.You go into it knowing exactly what you are doing..and its for yourself.Why should anyone care if their personal choices kill them or not?

Again,who pays for those syringes?Taxpayers’s money or donors’ money?Whichever the case,I dont think its worth the waste.There are AIDS orphans everywhere.Why not take care of them with that money?Or even throw a bash for those who get out of drug addiction.

AIDS kills,but,so do drugs?Actually,some drugs kill faster that HIV..and HIV has ARVs….why not provide more ARVs, that those who chose to die,die comfortably!By showing interest in the losers,we are choosing one evil,over another.And our choice isn’t worth it!

The cost begs a question.You know Kenyans are not to be trusted with money.Dubious tenders and contracts.Don’t be shocked if you hear of another Clinix…the suppliers of the syringes are likely to be the leaders of that initiative..Watch this space keenly.There has to be a connection somewhere.Somebody saw an opportunity to make chumz…and came up with that unthinkable proposal.

Final thoughts?Let sleeping dogs lie.Instead of discouraging these people,we are encouraging a menace.


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