After 2 years of selfless service, a man realized that he has not been
promoted, no transfer, no salary increase no commendation and that the
Company is not doing any thing about it.

So he decided to walk up to his HR Manager one morning and after
exchanging greetings, he told his HR Manager his observation.

The boss looked at him, laughed and asked him to sit down saying.
My friend, you have not worked here for even one day.

The man was surprised to hear this, but the manager went on to explain.

Manager:- How many days are there in a year?

Man:- 365 days and some times 366

Manager:- how many hours make up a day?

Man:- 24 hours

Manager:- How long do you work in a

Man:- 8am to 4pm. i.e. 8 hours a day.

Manager:- So, what fraction of the day do you work in hours?

Man:- (He did some arithmetic and said 8/24 hours i.e. 1/3(one third)

Manager:- That is nice of you! What is one-third of 366 days?

Man:- 122 (1/3×366 = 122 in days)

Manager:- Do you come to work on weekends?

Man:- No sir
Manager:- How many days are there in a year that are weekends?

Man:- 52 Saturdays and 52 Sundays equals to 104 days

Manager:- Thanks for that. If you remove 104 days from 122 days, how many days do you now

Man:- 18 days.
Manager:- OK!I do give you 2 weeks sick leave every year. Now remove that 14 days from the 18 days left. How many days do you have remaining?

Man:- 4 days

Manager:- Do you work on New Year

Man:- No sir!

Manager:- Do you come to work on labour day?

Man:- No sir!
Manager:- So how many days are left?

Man:- 2 days sir!

manager Do u work on good friday and easter monday?

man- no

manager:so less two days hw many days r left

man- 0 days!
Manager:- Do you come to work on the mashujaa day?

Man:- No sir!
Manager:- So how many days are left?

Man:- i owe yu 1 day sir!

manager- do you work on boxing day?

man- no sir which means i owe u 2 days!

Manager:- Do
you work on Christmas day?

Man:- No sir!
Manager:- So how many days are left?

Man:- I OWE U 3 DAYS!!!! shiiiiit!!!
Manager:- So, what are you claiming?

Man:- I have understood, Sir. I did not realise that I was stealing Company money all these days.

Advice:- Never Go To The HR For a Salary Increase…………..****

>>>Peter Njoroge(via email)

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