You are sad,the world doesnt care. 
You cry,the world doesnt offer tissue. 
You are hurt,the world doesnt offer ointment. 
You are lonely,the world doesnt offer company. 
You are happy,the world lifts its eyebrows. 
You are looking for approval,the world frowns in disapproval. 
You smile,the world frowns down upon U. 
You make plans, the world doesnt help impliment them. 
You celebrate,the world is indifferent. 
You fall the world doesnt help u up. 
You make mistakes,the world mumbles ‘serves u right’. 
You succeed,the world isnt happy for U. 
You fail,the world secretly spots a wry smile. 
You reach out,the world shoves You back. 
You talk,the world shuts you up. 
You stay silent,the world doesnt notice.
You try to be nice,the world retorts. 
You try to be bad ass, the world beats you to it.
You die,a section of that world throws in a shovel of soil!! 
So do Your thing the way you want to because the world DOESN’T GIVE A HOOT!!! 


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