Politicians,activists,church leaders and many more are criss crossing the country,holding forums and huge rallies for peaceful elections-in a bid to encourage a peaceful election in March.

I think its a drive in futility.Its a waste of time and resources.

Now you think I am mad,and I like violence…maybe I am a Hague candidate,but think about it this way:

What causes violence?I’d say stress,perceived and real inequality and discrimination,idleness and Poverty.We all know Kenya has its enough share of these.There is too much of them,in fact.

The financial strain is too much,the gap between the rich and poor is astronomical,our tribal intolerance too much,a very high level of unemployment,land issues among other fuels of violence.

Now,’Mr.Rich Man’ goes to tell ‘Mr.Poor Man’ to vote peacefully.You cant lecture a hungry man.

In the last elections,people fought,not due to rigged elections,but due to other issues-land inequality,ethnic cleansing,negative politics,wealth disparities,the list is quite long-of which none has changed.

Actually,most of these have escalated in the last 5 years,plus the current extremely greedy and tribe-minded politicians and oh,IDPs,you get an emotional Kenya.

No preaching can change that.MPs going to expensive Peace forums doesnt help the situation.Considering that the money being used can be used to improve a Kenyan’s situation.

To avert the violence pot,we should be looking for ways to uproot it from its roots,cutting the buds isnt enough.Lets address the cause,not the end result.

Somebody said,an Hungry Man is an Angry man.

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