My friend is on TV! I am from a village, so, my type of friends and I find it very hard to appear on TV- unless it’s a wedding video.

Just kidding, I know Bigwigs, too!

When I met Kay-eye, it was our first day at my place of work, you know, we were all fresh faced, and in full suits and ties( that is, before the suits were discarded) and we clicked on first site. I’d have said love, but that’s gay. Hehe

Kay Eye is a musician. I raised eyebrows and dropped them. We are all musicians, right? We sing in the bathroom, and whenever we go upcountry, we attend local church/ youth concerts-and show them what we got from the city. So, my eye brows remained down, till he gave me his Soundcloud and YouTube URLs.

Man! I was in personal terms with a mighty celeb!

Kay Eye is a wise guy, just spend thirty minutes with him, it will come down at you. So, I called him Egghead(search that up) and opened a Blog for him, called EGGHEAD, and told him to write his ideas there. Then I knew this guy would be great!

You should visit the blog and read his poems, and philosophy.

Back to music, all his salary went to the studio, he would be broke by Date 5. He grew dissatisfied with the work, as it didn’t accommodate his vast dreams. And he resigned!

To make music, and freelance work. The guy is a mathematician. An experienced statician/ analyst to boot.
So, I kept waiting for the video (I had already listened to the raw audio).

First, he sent me a link to the video shoot, on Mombasa road. A very rugged guy almost beat him up, for stepping on him as he rapped away. Those are the problems smallwigs face! Watch it here. I pitied the guy.

Then the final video landed! The guy has moves, lines, and this creative sense I have not seen in Kenya! He is a mkamba, so, gangnam style yellow all over, he is jumping like a maasai, though.

What’s more: Its Gospel!

Watch the video, and drop a line of encouragement, or whatever, for my guy.

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