The world has expectations on stuff,maybe factual or hypothetical,but driven by reason.We expect a stone to drop downwards,towards gravity on its free will,thats science,we expect to fail if we dont put effort,we expect dogs to back and not talk like humans.Would it not bbaffle you if you saw a stone just rise into the skies..or a dog greets you like a parrot? 
Talking of dogs talking,this last week was phenomenal in football terms.In English Premier League and Champions League, DOGS TALKED!
Back to Expectations for a moment, Football has its fair share…and it has gone to become a very strong industry-The Soccer Betting Industry.People make serious chumz,just by betting on a football match..and I do it sometimes.
As with the other forms of Betting,there is a relative aspect of risk,but in Football betting,its more factual,more statistical and a science.Many aspects are looked at,the history,current form,stadium among others.The greater the impossibility,the greater the value of the bet.
Enough of that,back to this last week.Many people lost their bets,and very few earned a lot!Tables were turned,dogs talked!
It all started with Wigan beating Arsenal 2-1 
Dog Fight
For the uninitiated,Arsenal is riding high(using its current formation R-V-P) and has beating all and sundry…Wigan has been clenching on the tail of the 20-team EPL, and on the verge of going into relegation.Clash these teams together…what do you EXPECT?Arsenal was winning hands-down,right?
Ok,it didn’t happen…The dog called Wigan had just talked!
Then on Tuesday,Real Madrid were humbled 2-1 by Bayern Munich.
Well,one may argue that Bayern Munich is not an underdog..but I am arguing otherwise..they were meeting Real Madrid(not even Dortmund that had beaten them three days earlier).Now,real is a bigger team,much bigger actually.Its a football superpower…but what happened?
The underdog came on top,and talked!
Now to the game we ALL watched….The ‘greatest team in the World’ Barcelona seeing Blues at the hands of Chelsea.
What did YOU expect,honestly?Chelsea,a shell of its former self,now lying sixth in EPL,versus the nemesis of the football world,a team that has been classified on its own up there,habouring the invincible Messi(The “Greatest Player?NO!)….A walkover,right?A friend had told me 0-7 at the very least.
I am Chelsea fan,and I also EXPECTED a beating..I didn’t expect ‘Old’ Drogba to ‘Mess with Messi’..he was another underdog….that talked!
It was a shocking week to players,coaches,fans and the best of pundits…The last will become the first.
Its a lesson,isn’t it? 

  • Never ride on your may get shocked
  • Despite what people say of you vs your challenge,dont let it go into your head,shock them,too!

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