Smart MPigs
George Orwell’s book,Animal Farm is about animals in a farm who are fed up with the oppressions in the farm and seek a revolution…which happens without much just happens and they chase away the owner and other humans from the farm.
 They resolve to live together as a family…under the leadership of Pigs under a set of rules.
 The first few days are heaven on earth,but as the days progress,they gradually know who the pigs are:They are selfish,greedy,dictatorial and take advantage of those under them-the animals.
The pigs live in the farm house,eat luxurious meals,sell off sick animals to the butcher and amend the rules,particularly,ALL ANIMALS ARE amended to include-BUT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS.
When the current generation of MPs was campaigning,there were words such as People’s Servant, Integrity, Fight Corruption, Bwana Tamaa na Maendeleo among others.The older ones chased away the Human Colonialists,others, the Human KANU regime and others, the Human Immediate former MPs…and promised us heaven under their leadership.
 That changed IMMEDIATELY.
 Since,some were unable to dettach the Main Human…they induced the other animals to kill fellow animals. The first major indication of bad things to come was the widespread blood shed…Kenyans bathed in their own blood and warmed themselves with the fire of their burning houses.And the MPigs sat,took coffee,and laughed their way into pacts..political pacts.No apology. The dying ‘animals’ were less equal.
Then came the crazy perks.The MPigs in the Farm House started enjoying even more than the Humans they had chased away used to enjoy.Since there were burials,weddings and political rallies to attend,they needed more money.Previously,they would argue about bills such as Health Bill nad Budget..but were unanimous in this..they badly needed an increment because the economy was going bad.That, they gave themselves.
 Scandals began..They started selling Farm assets,roasting it’s maize,using cemetery land for their use,even ploughing the forest part,buying land far away at inflated prices,grabbed the forested areas,among other embezzlements…the other animals cried foul,and the pigs simulated action..till the other animals,in their forgetful nature,kept quiet..and things went back to normal.,the pigs kept eating cheese.
Tax issues arose.Among the rules was that everybody should contribute to the Farm kitty through deductions of their hay-taxes.Again, the Mpigs could have none of it…Their hay was ‘too small’ to attend burials,service car loans and again .the economy was that bad.unless,of course,they recieve more hay so that they can give some back.A few philanthropic ones queued at the store,to return some.. didn’t everybody see them do that?They were the few good hoof!
Then they amended the new rules to add their stay at the Farm House..they said that since they had come ‘late’ they had to leave late,unless the animals were willing to pay heftily for that.The animal Kenyans kept quiet..and are still waiting to see whether the next generation will want to be paid for the time taken off their regime by the current generation.
And then,the mother of all atrocities..they have robbed the Kenyan animals..again!This time,they each want 3.7 million stacks of hay,as gratuity for a ‘job well done’…they reckon they deserve all that,possibly more.. haven’t they done so much for the Farm?
3.7m,while the animals who paid for their ‘revolution’ are stilled holed up in IDP Camps,from where they will vote again!
And a current MPig might come to ask me for my vote.
This is my opinion….not necessarily yours.My vote,My opinion! 

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