This is no longer a political blogbut wellKenyans need to know some things.

This is the letter Uhuru Kenyatta Team allegedly sent to the Presidential Debate coordinators, giving reasons for his withdrawal from the second round.

He says they didnt ask about:
Raila Odinga: Triton,Maize,Kazi kwa Vijana,and PEV.
Musalia Mudavadi: Goldenberg
Peter Kenneth:KFF and Kenya-Re scandals
Martha Karua: Moral standing(what?)
Paul Muite: Goldenberg-Kamlesh bribe
        Seems only Mwalimu Dida is the cleanest in this,but you never know,maybe he has ever eaten more than a third food components.

 It is marked PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL, but, its embedded from the internet-that tells you it is no longer so private.

If you ask me, real leaders don’t sweep dirt under the carpet-they set things straight.


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