In explaining interest rates and maturity of bonds,my lecturer gave an example that elicited murmurs from all.He said,money(or lack of it) is not reason enough to have small families.One should have as many children as possible-for the future!

This,with the economic times and the cost of raising a child!

Then he brought up an angle that we don’t time to look at!We inflate the cost of raising children-ourself!Think of it:

Why pay Sh.30000 per term for kindergarten where all the child goes to do is play and sleep!Things they could for free at home!They dont learn anything new there,do they?

Or,oh!They learn to speak English.So,when you go upcountry,they will be perceived as clever,as revolutionized.. “See,he speaks English!”Come on!An English speaking child doesn’t bring food on the table,does he?So,why pay that much,yet there are no returns?

Then they proceed to classes that never existed when we were there..Baby Class,PreUnit, Nursery C,B,A…..so that by the time the Child joins Primary School proper,he has spent a fortune..yet has nothing to show for it-apart from ‘urbanized English,of course!

There are foods that only children of the rich eat,its almost a prescription that they take expensive cereal,margarine and several other things that I don’t even know.This gives rise to obesity,teeth cavities,etc.Note,there are many better and cheaper alternatives to these.Ask you mother,she will send a bus-ful of indigenous foods fit for your child,the same food that made the healthy you!

Meanwhile,the kid is in a high-end primary school that requires Sh.70000 per term.This,and the child is a day-scholar,carrying the expensive food in expensive lunch boxes,just to fit in.Thereby,an average child uses more than Sh.100000 each three months-all in the name of ‘Quality Education’.

After all this comes the Final Exam,he is defeated by a Child who went the Kibaki System of (Free) Public Primary Education,or slightly defeats them.Then the quota system of allocating secondary schools sets in.The other child goes to a good Public School,while yours manages a village or district school.This is the bidding of the upper middle class,so,you get him into a Private Secondary School,still in quest for quality Education.MORE MONEY!

That is just one example of education.There are many more…

For Instance,clothes.THe same clothe may have different prices,but since your child is high class,you insist to buy their clothes in high-end malls.I buy mine in Gikomba and they serve the same utility!

You used washable nappies worth very little,but now you have a multi-figure budget for diapers for your baby.

Ultimately,it becomes hard to raise two children,actually,they turn you bankrupt,whereas you would have raised them comfortably.Even added more.

Why have more?Talk to your grandfather.he will tell you why many children make Old Age merrier.No contesting that!It makes living feel worthwhlie,taken care of!Ypu will die a very gratified person.Its the ultimate return of your investment in children!

As you can see,with the right mind,having a huge family isn’t economically unrealistic.Its a viable investment with positive returns.

So,friends,thats why I am having a football team!


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