and this is who I am

My parents say

I am the most hardworking, ambitious kid who has set mercurial heights for my younger siblings.

My friends say

I am a go-getter who seems to have a solution for everything. If only they knew I don’t!

My former bosses say

I am a creative guy who thinks intensely through things before doing them effectively.

That’s what they say. But here is my story:

In the beginning, the Earth and the Heavens were created… and many years later, I was born in the little village of Gitura, in Maua, Kenya. Yes, I am a Meru. You know, people view tribes badly here, but I also celebrate positive ethnicity. The one that appreciates the diversity of Kenya and the world. 

Anyway, I went to the local Primary School, Gitura where I finished top of my Division(I hear I still keep the record) and joined Miathene Boys High School. I finished that, too and decided to become an accountant. So, I enrolled into KASNEB and became a Certified Accountant of Kenya. (CPA-K). I then went to Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology and studied my Bachelors in Commerce – Finance. Do I have a natural way with numbers? No! I was very poor. But I don’t let things challenge me for life. 

And now, I am in ICT, Corporate Communication, and Marketing, especially Digital Marketing and all things online.

I create campaigns!

I have worked for corporates, start-ups, briefcase companies, sole proprietors, ghosts… and for myself.

  • Campaign creation.
  • Content creation for blogs and social media. 
  • Social Media management.
  • Customer service.
  • Public Relations and Corporate communication.
  • E-Commerce management.
  • Web design (and some graphic design).
  • Marketing Analytics.
  • Affiliate Management and Referral Marketing.
  • Business Development. 
  • Editing stuff.
  • Systems Administration.
  • I was even an accountant for some time.

See, I am a jack of many trades. Am I a master of all of them? Well, pretty much. I haven’t had that many complaints from people which means I am either terrifying (which I am not) or very good at what I do.

I love books, I love people, I love cats, I love football… and I love God. 

I know how to waste time and play with my thumbs in my free time. But that’s boring! I always strive to go beyond the snore inducing and meaningless things and pursue my dreams, which are quite lofty.

What you will find in my CV:

Public Relations & CPS Manager

Head of Digital Marketing

Head of Online Business

Systems Administrator/ IT Manager

But I have done Lots of other things. Here are just a few:


Web Design

Web Design

Web Design


Want to talk to me?

Of course you do!