Kenya is angry,but we shall overcome!

Kenya is an angry country…intra-nationally!
Everybody is angry at somebody else
Women think all Kenyan men are broke,mean and cheating ‘beasts’ and theey would rather give their love to Naija men and white men who are moneyed and willing to share it.Men,on the other hand say Kenyan women are gold diggers after their pockets and hard-earned cash and will readily run away with more moneyed guys,at the slightest notice.
All Kenyans are super-angry with the government.It demolishes their houses and takes away their plots calling them forging thieves in parliament as they amass more untaxed money.It tampers with the economy,messing with their beloved shilling and interest rates-to make money for campaigns,they sleep on their job and wake up towards the elections,or when they want to push any emerging nemesis off the edge,again for election sake!The selfish ******s!
They are angry about the oil prices and they commissions established for the purpose of raising prices…Energy Raising Commission.They are angry with The Police and their meaner wanna-bes,Kanju-for all the extortion, harassment and corruption.And oh,the extra judicial executions and fines!
Employees are angry with their employers,again including the government,for not raising the salary despite the tough economic times,not reviewing their salaries for decades and dutifully deducting tax to pay MPs salaries and Donors’ money pinched,no,grabbed by the same ministers.
And not being let to drown their sorrows with their favourite drink any time they want-that Mututho!They are even contemplating transferring their votes to Naivasha to vote him out!

But…despite all that,we have uniting and reconciliatory forces such as when our Athletes sweeps the boards,when Harambee Stars thrash some Oceanic teams,when we get out in the streets to demonstrate,or when we sit in Jevanjee gardens for a Bunge la Mwananchi session.
We are Kenyans…and despite the storms and hurricanes beating us around,we are tolerant of each other-recent history has taught us to be.

We are held together y Hope,Hope that tomorrow will be better,Hope that we will unite as one and challenge the wildest of our nightmares.
Keep on keepin on,Kenyans!!

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