Equity Bank Agency and Eazy 247 Customer care Fail

I am angry,very angry.This is a rant

I have been seated here for the last two hours and my patience is boiling,I feel like I can smash anything any minute from now. So I am now typing on my phone furiously,venting my anger on my poor phone. I think Equity should pay for a new keyboard.And a few other things. Why?

I registered for Equity Mobile Banking(Eazy 247) believing that it would live up to my expectations. Believing that it would save me time and money. Believing that now,I dont have to go to a banking hall.

To spice this up,Equity introduced Agent Banking.

We were saved.

Or so we thought.

So,this morning,I went to an ATM, and met a very long queue. I would have stayed in that queue for 30 minute
 and I needed the money ASAP. Not to worry,though,there is Equity Agents, I told myself.

So off I went to an Agent,swiped my card,even gave my details to the attendant,and waited for the transaction to complete. 30 minutes.

Now,I had lost faith in Eazy 247 because of the troubles I had faced before:Delays,trying 10 times(each costing Sh. 4) without completing the transaction and such shit(sorry)

So, I did,and today the transaction was very smooth(happy). The attendant took my setails once again, entered the Codes and the what not,she even took out the cash.


The   application they use,on their Nokia 2730s  went on a Please  Wait mode.

5 minutes. A queue was building up behind me.

10 minutes.  An SMS came in. Transaction complete.

Meanwhile,on the agents phone,it was still on Please Wait mode.

20 minutes,

30 minutes

1 hour.

I called the Equity Customer Care line. They entertained me for 10 minutes. My airtime.

They are not on Twitter,nor Facebook. In this Century.

I have sent them an email.I have sent one before,never replied.

2 hours later.

And I am still waiting.

I am tempted to curse.

Now that I have finished my online rant, I am wondering why I have even written this. No one will read.Equity is nowhere on Social Media circles. I dont know what their Customer Service Job Description is-if it actually exists.


  1. Anonymous April 6, 2013 at 5:10 pm

    i feel u frank. Equity has become a bitch n blond of the banking industry. when they started they really looked like a bank of the mwananchi, it was like a sacco 1st if im not really wrong, then after kurembeshwa na pesa za wanainchi they r now feeling kind of sweet n acting up. customer service is not in their vocabulary. long lines n hanging cashless ATMs r the order of the day. u can walk into a bank n find only 3 tellers at the counter while 7 others r empty. have u tried to apply 4 a loan?? u will be amazed at how they will assume they dont know u n yet all ur transactions r done through their bank. i think its time pple moved to other more professional banks that u will get value 4 ur money. its not like we r coming to get free cash. by the end of the day its my cash i want to access.Phil

  2. FRANKLINE MWENDA KIBUACHA April 8, 2013 at 10:48 am

    Phil,its a mess. And I am moving. I think Equity got complacent…they cant handle their own customers numbers.

  3. Hotspot Matthew June 7, 2013 at 9:31 am

    Am an agent and what i can say is that during the first few weeks during upon launching of equity agents, there were a lot of network problems which is expected anyway since the product was still very new and facing some teething problems. However as i speak now services with equity agents have really improved and out of the more than 100 people i serve per day, there are no complains, may be one in a month if the networks goes down. If network goes down nowadays it only takes a few minutes to come back. Let me say that if you compare equity agents with agents from other banks, we are leading and its a fact. please don't shy away to visit us again and again and am sure your story will change dramatically. About loans, equity has the cheapest loans so far. the future is bright whereby you can develop a good banking relationship with an agent near you and they will talk on your behalf to the bank and you get the loan that you deserve. Apart from your money passing through the bank please ensure that you develop a very cordial relationship with the bank representatives, let them know what you do get the money you deposit and am sure you will understand each other. It is possible for your to pass through the bank and still they don't know you. As in what you do, where you reside, your credit worthiness, which is very important when anyone has to lend you any cash.Ask yourself do you know each other well enough especially with the people in the credit department to really trust you with the loan you are requesting for. My guess is they cant pretend because money matters are quite sensitive. Please support equity bank and if you have problems getting a loan i know a few guys that can assist. Thanks.

    Matthew Karanja,
    Equity Agent,
    Kagio branch.


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