Honouring our Heroes

Indepedence heroes

Let me remind you,I am a true Kenyan Patriot.I love Kenya as it is,and I’ve never wished to be elsewhere.Alfred Mutua may not be the most popular man in Kenya(especially the media),but he came with a phrase I love and refer to very often “NAJIVUNIA KUWA MKENYA”
We have our fair share of circumstances pointing elsewhere,but we still hold onto the fact that we are Kenyans and have very positive reasons why we are proud to be!
We may have
 muggers on the streets,a starving population, sky-rocketing food prices,Al Shabab,Supremacy wars over islands,accident prone roads,highly ranked jams,street families,Slums among other menaces…and oh,the tribalistic,nepotistic,bickering and extremely corrupt ,leaders(read politicians)
But we also pride in our Wildlife,Athletes,relative peace,skycrappers(as al Shabab will say),China roads,media freedom…and oh,our HEROES!

Her0-1a : a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability

Is this a honour?

b : an illustrious warrior
c : a man admired for his achievements and noble qualitiesd : one who shows great courage

2a : the principal male character in a literary or dramatic work
b : the central figure in an event, period, or movement
………………………Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Whichever way you define a Hero,Kenya has a number of them,and its a noble task to honour them and keep their memories alive.
There are many ways,any way,if the hero is alive,they feel good,if they are not,we feel good.What we dont get is,we are doing it for them,not for us!So,would it not be better if we honoured them while they are alive?In that way,they will be their own monument,a living story.
Sadly,Kenya honours its heroes after they are dead.In fact,in our proudly Kenyan definition,one is a hero only after death.Before death,one is an enemy of the people,not recognized by anybody and treated like trash.This changes the day they die,then we realize just how important they were,and sing songs.A recent example?Wangari Maathai(God rest her soul)The day she won the Nobel Prize should have been a public holiday,she should have been appointed to the cabinet,as a Minister,her constituents should have voted her into parliament,and if they didn’t,her heroism should have won her a nomination.
And what happened?Those people who should have done that shunned her,forgot she existed..and she was largely unsung!And then she died….
Everybody was out-singing the other about how heroic she was,mostly them …gave her a national funeral and all….SHAME!
They proposed to carve a monument for her….

Extend his ideals

I hate monuments!
Today,Tom Mboya’s was being unveiled,a large monument that cost millions!Yeah,Tom Mboya is a nationalhero,and her deserves that amount,but then,for what?What ideals of his does that advance?
Look at it this way,why is he a hero?I think its because he was a great Labour activist and he helped acquire several scholarships for the Kenyan youth,which gave birth to many who-is-whos we have today,including Obama!Instead of a monument,why not give scholarships to the youth!Provide a new learned generation!That will honour him more..

If we want to honour our heroes this Mashujaa Day,or whenever,let us extend their ideals,do what they would be doing when they were alive..and oh,should we not honour them NOW?When they are alive?
If I am your hero,dont wait till I’m dead…and dont build a monument for me!!

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