Laugh First

I said here that football is a shocker,its a game played on the field,and not in microphones and compter keyboards(unless its PlayStation).

This is turning to be a month of surprises in football.You know what I mean!

Background information:
I am a perennial Chelsea fan,its the club I have stuck up with in the Premier League.People tell me I a Chelsea fan because I only started watching football when Chelsea had started rising under Abramovich,and I always answer yes,its true.You see,I am not that old,actually I don’t remember Arsenal win a trophy(that’s why I honour Birmingham than Arsenal).

Back to Chelsea,I have watched the ‘Pensioners’ grow old and borne the disdain from fans of ‘young’ Arsenal.Many,including Chelsea fans had shoved them from the game.The Drogbas, Terrys, Lampards, Cechs and others had outgrown the game,so a younger manager than some of them was hired to revitalize the team.Roll back its years.Make it younger.

Andre Villa Boas failed miserably,and got himself fired.

His assistant,De Matteo rose to his position,and in came the pensioners again.They brought back with them more experience than the coach.And he was wise to listen to them.They turned the season around.Got back in contention for top four,Overturned a Champions League round of 16 deficit,qualified for FA Cup Final,and qualified for Champions League Finals.

How they did that,will remain in our minds in a long time.The opponent was the ‘Best Team Ever’ ,the ‘Super Favourites’and had ‘the World’s Best Player’.This,without a captain,down to 10 men,without centre-backs.Its the best victory so far in my football fanaticism!

The written-off pensioners did that.The written-off Torres scored the confirmation.The underdogs were really barking that night.Even commentators like Gary Neville helped them bark.

The other Semi final was a given conclusion that Real Madrid would triumph over Bayern Munich..and go ahead to win against a further weak Chelsea in the final.

That didnt happen.Christiano and Kaka were too predictable for Nuer,and Sergio Ramos decided to score the clouds.Bayern won.

And barked all the way to finals-in their home-ground.

A Real Madrid Vs Barcelona turned into a Chelsea Vs Bayern Munich final.

Wonders will never cease when the village rooster crows in the city.

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