Simply,I am happy..I could easily be the happiest man on Earth!

That’s right…You got it!


The journey has been very dramatic…trencherously tasking…The Valencia group scare,The Napoli mountain..then came an excruciating Benfica,and we were doomed when the mother of all ogres came along..Barcelona!

Somehow,the ‘Pensioners’ found themselves in the final(what my Arsenal friend Martin Motomoto Nkumbu calls witchcraft) against another unlikely Bayern Munich at their home stadium!

It was such a terse game…the ass-hardening type..keeping a draw till the 83rd minute when the night’s Blank Shooter Muller scored the possible winner-I almost walked out of the pub…Then the Talisman Drogba evened at 88″.My ass almost tore the seat….

Then the extra time started on the back foot…Drogba gave away a penalty…up stepped the one Robben..I thought I would faint..Cech saved the team..and me!

Memories of 2008 Final came to the fore when the final whistle blew..and Penalties it was…I looked away.Mata did just what I expected..lost it!I was still transfixed till Drogba stepped up to take the final Chelsea…the winning penalty.I started seeing The Africa Cup of Nations image of Drogba blowing it!…I said a prayer-he also did!

Nuer was beaten!And that became my revelation….everybody recognized me in the pub…Its like I was in the game!Drogba himself wasn’t happier than I was,lying on the floor with my legs up.

Its at that moment that I realized I really love Chelsea!

Need I say more?I won lots of bets!

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