My heart mourns daily
N knows not how to make merry
The pain I grieve is too high
Oh how I wish I could just die

If love is so great
Why is it that I regret?
And if really it is so true
Why do I then feel like a fool?

My soul for sure is drown in tears
And my body cogged down with fear
I know not what tomorrow holds
Yet cannot get out of my sorrows fold

Am afraid to let this end
For I wonder what message I will send
I just don’t want to say goodbye
Yet I know it’s not worth another try

I now real need a new beginning
Without including my feelings
For so to avoid any more weeping
Then I will live my life with a meaning

Everything will be alright
It will get better by the morning light
This I tell my conflicted heart
Yet this I know is all just a lie

The sun will still come out tomorrow
Yet I need to get out of my sorrow
Before I sink into the distress hollows
Where my body and soul will be no more


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